Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today a little bit of my soul went away...I threw away my most favorite pair of black pajama pants. They stood with me through college, multiple moves, Sunday nights, and two pregnancies. Last night they bit the dust. I figured the big hole in the crotch was trying to tell me it was time to let them go so they could travel on to that great big cotton-y heaven in the sky. True story.

I am also starting to prep for a garage sale a friend and I are putting on in two weeks. I've been trying to do 20 minutes a day of organizing and pricing so I'm not swamped with it. While out in my garage yesterday, I came across a dead mouse. I shrieked super loud and decided I would not be going out into my garage again until Jeff threw it away.

At the beginning of August I took on the challenging mission to read Anna Karenina. While at the dentist, I accidentally took a magazine (seriously, it ended up in my purse and I don't know how) that ranked the 100 best books of all time. I thought to myself, "Gee Sarah, wouldn't it be cool to read all of these books?" So I started with what this magazine ranked as No. 1: Anna Karenina. I mean, its a good story and all but OH MAN the details make my eyes go crossed. Don't get me wrong people! I love details! Gone with the Wind is my #1 favorite book of all time. Half of that entire book is details!

Now, on to some more serious endeavors.
I am just now coming off of illness. I got strep throat for the first time--honest--I've never had it before. It was not fun. Also not fun, getting it while trying to be all perky and busy on a family-fun trip. SOOOO not fun. Everyone went and had fun while I stayed in bed watching Indiana Jones and drifted in and out of a delirious sleep.

My blog redo is still in the works. Anyone notice the new url up there? Yep. That's me. I OWN this site. Boom.

I have been trying to get a post up on here about Caderyn and his Tourette's, but I am continually stopping myself. I want to be able to share our experiences with people, especially people who feel alone on this journey like I sometimes do (when I'm having a pity party). I don't want to spotlight my children because they are different. Instead, I want people to know they are just normal kids, struggling with some things that are out of their control. In this world, people should accept and be comfortable with things that go outside of what is considered the "normal" scope. I want to be able to guide them through life with the idea that their differences are their gifts and they will make them stronger in this life. But as I watch Caderyn struggling with his tics, with his sore neck from constant head rolling, and just a general frustration with what is happening to his body I am overwhelmed with fear and worry and sadness.
That's where I am right now. I'm just generally sad a lot of the time.
I'm going to do a post about my big guy, but I have been psyching myself out every time I go to write. I need to build up that confidence and just let the words echo what I'm seeing, what he is going through, and how we are feeling. I'm going to get there soon, I promise.  

And now pictures!
Cheering on his brother at soccer practice 
Such a stinker, taking off his socks and throwing them everywhere.  
Swinging is his favorite.

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