Friday, October 4, 2013


Ok you guys, I'm back.
These last two weeks have been really hard and sad. I'm still sad about losing my grandma, and I know I will always miss her.
But I also know that she would be royally ticked off if I just sat around on my bum (tee hee I said bum) and moped. Seriously, I can hear her voice in my head.

So I'm back.

Dudes, Caderyn has been cracking me up lately. He has just the funniest little quips and thought process of any 4-year-old I know.

Caderyn had an evaluation at a school today. This is his second evaluation by this particular school to determine if Caderyn has socio-emotional needs related to the Tourette's Syndrome that they will be able to help him with.
It was interesting to watch the process. Every station he went to and was tested at he seemed to just master! All of the teacher's kept talking about how bright he was, and the end result was that he is testing at a first and in some places even second grade level. Wowza! But we also noticed how his tics started acting up when he was really trying to concentrate, making him take longer to complete some tasks. *Le sigh*

After his evaluation we went to meet our daycare gal who was at our local science center.
This was my conversation with Caderyn on the way inside the science center:

Me: Have a great day buddy! Before you know it Daddy will be coming to get you.
Caderyn: Like I'm going to blink and Daddy will be here?
Me: It will feel like that because this day is going to go by so fast!
Caderyn: Yeah it will! And guess what Mommy, it is going to go by so fast I won't even miss you a little bit.

And then my heart broke a little.
Proudly showing off his goofy building he created this morning. Kid built that all by himself!

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