Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We had a really nice stay at home weekend. Yardwork got done. Halloween decorations were finalized. Pumpkins were picked. A movie date happened. Caderyn had a play date.
It was a really nice weekend. I needed to stay home. The boys needed to stay home.

At some point during the weekend, Jeff and I were having a debate about something. I can't remember what it was now, but we were definitely both trying to come out the victor in our conversation.
Caderyn was sitting at the table coloring, and Jeff was brushing his teeth in the bathroom when I found out I WAS RIGHT.
So, I did what any normal spouse vying for victory in a disagreement would do: I told Jeff that I had won, and proceeded to do a little victory dance in the dining room.

Me: Woohoo! I'm right! (Proceeds to wiggle and fist pump around the room)
Caderyn: Uhhhhhhh Mommy!?
Me: What's up buddy? Mommy was right! (continues to dance)
Caderyn shakes his head and smacks his forehead with his hand
Caderyn: Oh man, now that's stuck in my brain.
Little does Caderyn know that my dance moves are genetic.

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