Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I went to Austin for a few days last week to see my brother who is attending UT Austin for a Masters in Studio Art. It was way humid. My hair hated it. There was so much to see and do. It rained a lot. I laughed a lot. I was really sweaty most of the time. I met some interesting people. I ate some of THE best food (and probably gained 10 pounds). I saw so so so many hipsters. I saw an old friend. I spent loads of time with my brother.
It was so much fun.
Here y'all go (prepare yourself, I'm going to say Y'ALL a lot in this blog post)
Day One: I left
The only picture from my 12-hour day of traveling. Nobody wants to see pictures of me in airports. I'm not a cute airplane person. I dress as comfortable as possible and do as little as possible (make-up, hair etc). But y'all want to see what I was reading, right!? This is the book I took with me and I finished it.
 I got into Austin and my brother and I went to dinner at a vegan taco truck. The name is escaping me, but it was REALLY good. Then we went to a coffee/drink/dessert shop called Dolce Vita where we sat and had a drink and I also got some gelato. Then I got a cupcake at a place called Quack's Bakery. I ate that too. Then I went back to my brothers apartment and Crashed with a capital C because I was so tired. It was 9:00 p.m.
Day Two: I am There
My brother had to work most of the day on campus. So I got up and got ready and we walked to campus. I set out to get us some breakfast from a campus cafe and I got lost. Yep. I ended up walking around the entire stadium, the LBJ Library (which was closed because of the shutdown-boo), and I even got in on part of an Admissions tour and learned a little bit about the campus. Like did you know that UT Austin has built their own retirement community? Wow!
But then I found the cafe and got food. It was good. I checked in on work from a library on campus and answered emails and then I read until my friend Danny from college came to pick me up for lunch.
People write the most interesting things in bathrooms stalls.
Danny took me to the most AMAZING Tex-Mex restaurant called Trudy's and I got an amazing brisket enchilada that just about knocked my socks and lips off it was so spicy. We also had a gooooood margarita, y'all.
 Dessert was at Amy's which is just like a hipster version of Cold Stone and Danny and I just sat and  talked before he had to head into work.
Once back on campus, I walked around a little bit more and got lost again. Then I figured out where I was going and got stuck in a rain storm before making my way back to the building where my brother worked. I read for about two hours before he finished.
Once he was done with work we walked around the campus to catch a bus downtown. This building above is their Main Hall, y'all.
Public Transportation!
We made it downtown and walked around the state capital building to a hole in the wall bar called The Cloak Room which is a super tiny bar for government employees. It is really, really dark in the bar and it seats maybe 10 people. The owner is this really blonde gal who calls you "hun" and "sweetie" but with a deep, husky voice.
From there we walked through downtown Austin (my calves still hurt) to a restaurant called Second where we stopped for a light dinner and some drinks. I really liked the bottles they served their water in...
After dinner it was raining again (oh my poor hair!) so we hopped onto a petty cab (bikers with pull carts) and went down to a gallery opening.
I took a couple pictures at the gallery. It was kind of weird. The pictures were really colorful and reminded me of a Simpsons episode where Homer goes into the desert. Like this:
Except there were a lot of butts and buttholes and male parts...yep.
So I'm not going to share those with y'all.
I did get a lot of giggles out of the exhibit and I met some of my brother's friends.
After we left, we went down to a place called The Mohawk where we got to watch The Dodos perform from a rooftop. It. Was. Awesome. Y'all.
Then I was tirrrrred. So we went back to the apartment and went to bed.
Day Three: The Festival of Yum
Saturday we slept in and then decided it would be a day of eating and shopping (well I decided that part). So we drove to a super popular restaurant in Austin called Chez Zee that was just incredible. Did y'all know that brunch is a big thing down in the south? Like every place you go has brunch and drinks. Every. Place.
After brunch we went out to a really nice outdoor shopping complex called The Domain. Taylor did some work while I shopped until I melted. Seriously, it was SO hot. I would be standing in line to try on clothes and just dripping with sweat. Yuck.
But I got my shopping fix!
Then we went to try and find a place to have dinner, got stuck in some of the Austin City Limits crowd, and ended up at a place called Home Slice Pizza that was super YUM!
We drank and ate.
And then I found a cupcake place.
It was fate, y'all. They were right next to Home Slice.
After dinner we met some of Taylor's friends at Dolce Vita again for drinks and watched a super intense thunderstorm. We braved the rain and the booms (thunder and lightning) for a run to the movie store to rent a Mystery Science Theater 3000. We laughed until 2:00 a.m. and were also kept entertained by this huge storm. It basically lasted until 7:00 a.m. the next morning and the thunder and lightning was so close it kept waking Taylor and I up a couple of times. Oh and his apartment flooded, so we had to clean that up.
Day Three: It is Humid and My Phone Battery Keeps Dying
I'm pretty sure my hair got up on Sunday before I did. It was so humid the hair was literally just hovering over my neck. It wouldn't go down.
We cleaned up Taylor's apartment and drove out to meet my friend Danny and his fiancee for brunch at Jack Allen's. Again, ate too much.
Ahhhh I'm looking into the glare....
Taylor took me to ANOTHER cupcake place called Sugar Mamma's that has won awards and been on Food Network. It was, again, AMAZING.
Try the Marilyn Monroe if you go there. Wow.
After this we went to see Gravity in the theaters. Holy smokes you guys. I really liked this movie.
We met a friend of Taylor's for dinner and drinks at a place called Hopfields and went over to his house after to look at his impressive art collection. Basically this guys house is a complete work of art. It was gorgeous.
Then we rented another movie and both were passed out by 10:30 a.m.
Day Four: I Leave
No pictures from this day.
I slept in.
Taylor had to go to class.
I got up and got ready. I packed and cleaned his apartment.
Then he picked me up and we went to eat lunch at some vegan restaurant.
It was okay. I always think its good to try and expand my horizons, but I was not super impressed and left the place starving.
We went to a bookstore and then a coffee shop to do some work and then he took me to the airport.
My flights back home were...really really full of turbulence.
There is a storm system moving across the US right now and both of my flights were caught in them.
I had to do a lot of calm-breathing, just like I was having a baby.
Was it really yesterday that I was in Austin? It went by so fast.
I would love to go back. It seems like such a fascinating town.
If I lived there I would definitely have to make sure I only ate out on the weekends. The cool thing is that I think you could eat at a different place each weekend and get so much variety. There was always something going on in Austin, it has tons of energy and was lots of fun.
Thanks brother for the great Sibling Weekend of 2013!
I'm back on track this week trying to eat healthy and, at the moment, not wanting to eat another cupcake for at least a year. 

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Hi Sarah..found this searching for your Dad . Debbie and I live in El Paso now. Saw an old Ford Falcon pickup while running this morning and made me determined to track him done as just five hours away.Tell him to write the Hinshaws from Prospect Heights..6041 Camino Alegre. El Paso TX. 79912