Monday, October 7, 2013


Lots of photos from the last couple of weeks, people!

The day my Grandma passed away I went immediately to be with my family and Jeff watched the boys. It was an incredibly sad time, but also very nice to be there to help and support everyone. Jeff came to town that night and we went back home as a family the next day to prepare for the week and then came back only a few days later for the funeral. Whew! Here are some pictures of those days and some of the last week.

The day my Grandma had passed away, we were all very tired and emotional from the events and preparation. We went out to pizza that evening and I snapped this picture of my Aunt Christy and her 2-week-old grandson, Westin wrapped in a blanket my Grandma had made. Despite the sadness and exhaustion of the day, I just love how happy and content she looks to have that cute little fuzzy head snuggling up to her.  
This is how my Dad reads the paper when he doesn't have glasses or is kind of embarrassing.  
This was right before we left and headed back home for two days. The boys were meeting their new cousin Westin. Caderyn was just enamored!

Monday morning I went to Butte to pick up my brother. We stopped at the Berkeley Pit for lunch. This is a former open pit copper mine that is about 900 ft deep and filled with highly acidic water. Woohoo! You'd better believe we paid the $2 admission fee to see this.  
Heading through the tunnel
There she is. Ain't she a beaut?
Taylor fell asleep on the quick trip back home and I had nothing else to do (besides driving) than take pictures of him. I think this should be an art installation.
And then we were back in Great Falls for the funeral and all of the preparation that went into it beforehand. There was a lot of family time, a lot of tears, and a lot of laughter.
Mr. Owen's new hat.
The morning of the funeral I had a slight meltdown because my super expensive tights that I had just bought (fyi: they were supposed to be anti-run tights) got a MASSIVE run in them. Jeff dropped me off at WalMart and I rushed in and bought three pairs of tights. While on the way out to the car, I looked down and saw this penny on the ground. My grandma always, ALWAYS stopped to pick up change off the ground. Heck, she once dug a dime out of the street after it had been asphalted into the street. So just seeing this on the ground, even though I know people find pennies on the ground each day, calmed my heart and made me think this was my Grandma's way of saying, "Oh hey, you probably need to calm down. I'm fine."
Super tired boy after the funeral and reception.
Later that night a few of us cousins went out for a big cheap stein of beer. The Heidelberg sells a stein of beer for $3.50. One stein was all I needed, the guys had maybe two each.
Headed home. Gibby was sick...again.
Back to the doctor to take care of ANOTHER ear infection.
Noooo not ready for snow.
Mister Fake Cry

Mister Muscles
Showing off his new Ninja Turtle he got with his garage sale money.
Eating cookies.

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

Pennies from heaven. We always say if you see a penny someone in heaven is thinking about you. ;-)