Thursday, October 24, 2013


Sometimes my mornings are super hectic and I feel like a drill sergeant. Gibby was pretty fussy this morning so I handed him a graham cracker and scooped him onto the couch with me. I sat and snuggled with him for five minutes and it was all I needed to feel refreshed.
This is his "Moooom, I'm starving face!"
Lucy is quite loose. She also earned a new nickname in honor of October: Lucious von Goosenstein.
Caderyn loves it.
Breakfast and crazy baby hair
Snapshot of Caderyn waking up in the morning He had his arm draped over the side of the bed.
A night walk in my neighborhood with a full moon.
One of the spookiest houses on the block.
I mean look at that corgi...she's intimidating, right?
Hardworking guys
We went to my town's version of a pumpkin patch. It is basically a church that sets up this great area for kids and families. They are the best people and will work with you on pricing. We've gone here every year since Caderyn was born. They have the best pumpkins.
Anyone else think Gib's hair looks hilarious? We brushed it straight after a morning bath and it did this weird, "Hi I'm living in the 70s" kind of style set.
I was restless on Sunday night, so I drug the kids outside for a walk I cleverly titled, "Fall Color Walk." Whatever. It got Caderyn out the door. It was pretty gorgeous, though.

What will Lucy be for Halloween?
Option #1: The Crabby Pumpkin
Option #2: Cruel Irony (because it is a squirrel costume and she HATES squirrels)

Peek-a-boo I see a little Gibby in the tubby.

Caderyn is SO ready for Halloween.

Just doing an little early morning PT on a bouncy ball. No big deal.

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