Thursday, October 17, 2013


This guy, his name is Caderyn.
He is four-and-a-half.
He is taller than the majority of kids his age.
He is loud.
He is funny.
His vocabulary is off the charts. He says words like "impressed" and "delicious" and "fascinating" and knows exactly what they mean and how to apply them to a sentence.
His vocabulary still has some hiccups (but I love them), and he says works like "granilla" for granola, "speed lemon" for speed limit, and "cajuzzi" for jacuzzi.
He can do addition and subtraction in the 1-10 category, but only if the problems are applied to Spiderman.
He is fascinated with science. He loves learning about the earth. He loves learning about the weather. He is very interested in the human body and how the muscles and bones work. When I was in Austin I bought him a book about the human body that breaks down the muscle and the bone systems. He looks at the book every night and points, asking, "What's this Mommy?" and then we talk about what that part of the body does and how it is connected. This week he has been saying words like "vein," "artery," and "sternum."
He can read the majority of the words in the books we are reading. His current favorites are Skippyjon Jones, anything that has to do with Superheroes, The Magic Schoolbus, and Splat the Cat.
He is a masterful and careful coloring machine. Look at this:
Don't look at his silly face where he was smiling and talking through his teeth, saying, "Mommy, take the picture." Look at the Spiderman he colored all by himself. He sat for 45 minutes and diligently colored in the lines--no help.
He loves sports and just finished up another great season of soccer. He wants to do gymnastics next, but we will see...
He loves Scooby Doo.
He loves Legos.
He loves any superhero.
He is a loving and attentive big brother to Gabriel. This morning he let Gabriel crawl all over him while laying on the floor. He didn't move or swat at him. He just lay there with a smile and laughed when Gib sat on his head.
He makes sure people know he loves them. He tells me he loves me at least 20-30 times a day.
He loves packing.
His tics have subsided considerably since we took him off medication and have just relaxed about the whole Tourette's diagnosis. We are still taking him to see a neurologist in two weeks to get a second opinion and thoughts on what we should be doing.
He is super excited for Halloween.
He stomps his foot when he doesn't get his way...and gets sent to his room for timeout when he does this.
He had an evaluation at a pre-school two weeks ago and they determined that he is a very bright boy who is currently operating at a first grade level.
He can talk and talk and talk for hours without stopping.
He is polite and aware of other people around him and their feelings.
He is generous and constantly giving gifts. I have about 10 rocks in my car that he has given me because "they are so pretty."
He loves wrestling with his Daddy and Papa Craig and Papa Jim.
He loves being chased and pretending he is escaping a bag guy and saving the world.
He likes to sing and make up songs and dance.
He loves to tell stories and will tell them to you while standing and walking around and around in a circle.
He is a great listener and helper.
Caderyn is just the best.

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