Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This guy, his name is Gabriel.
We call him Gibby.
He is 16-months-old.
He has a head full of curly blonde hair that gets curlier as the day goes on.
He has eight teeth. 
He weighs 22.9 pounds and can put away an adult size plate of food.
He crawls everywhere and brings himself up to his knees.
He pulls himself up on everything and can walk along furniture.
He loves chasing his brother around the house.
He points at everything, especially light switches. He loves those light switches.
He is a goofball.
He is very temperamental. One minute he is the happiest boy in the world and the next he is screaming and throwing himself on the ground.
He has made tremendous progress in his occupational and physical therapies, and is slowly, but surely starting to catch up with his age group.
He gets horrible ear infections with disgusting drainage coming out of his ears. AND he has tubes in his ears!
He still sucks his fingers.
He loves his Daddy.
He threw a temper tantrum for about an hour and a half last night. I pretty much just sat there and watched is disbelief as he threw food everywhere, threw himself all over the place, screamed, cried and swatted and everything and everyone. It was the first time I put him in his crib for a "time-out." I finally just put him in the tub and he calmed down and splashed and laughed. It was cray-zee.
He is a snuggler.
He needs routine.
He loves watching and trying to copy his big brother.
He can say "Uh-Oh" and sometimes I think he can say "Hi," but we are still going to be heading to speech therapy here pretty soon.
He loves listening to music and is starting to dance.
He is a flirt.
He sometimes gets called a "she" more than I would like. I mean, I know he's got this gorgeous head of hair, but he is generally wearing a pretty gender obvious outfit...My kids like dinosaurs, and trucks, and monsters.
He loves the squeezy pouches that have fruit/veggies in them.
He can eat two scrambled eggs, a piece of toast and fruit like it is no big deal.
He loves to play peek-a-boo.
He gets upset when Caderyn takes away a toy he was playing with.
He likes wrestling with his Daddy.
He loves his baths.
He is now wearing big boy shoes all of the time.
He loves being outside.
He loves hollering at me when I am in the kitchen and he is in the living room. It's like he wants to remind me that he is still hanging out and I shouldn't forget about him.
He refuses to sign "Water" when he wants water. He instead will do the fakest cough you have ever heard, and then we will ask and sign "Gibby are you thirsty?" and he will fake cough again.
He can sign "All done," "More," "Please," and "Milk." We are working on "brother." and "light."
When you ask him where something is like Lucy or his toy bus, he knows what you are talking about and will look at the object or go and get it.
When he sees Lucy waddling around the house he will pant like a dog and then laugh at himself.
He played peek-a-boo with himself in my bedroom mirror today for 10-minutes.
He cries most days when I walk out the door from daycare and it breaks my heart. He cries usually the second I walk into the door of daycare to pick him up. I think he is a pretty good actor and knows how to tug on my heart strings.

Gabriel has come so far these last couple of months. We are constantly amazed and so proud of his progress.
We are heading back to Spokane this weekend for a neurologist visit for both boys.


Cloudy Day Gray said...

He is adorable. I love him.

B, in the Great Funkk said...

Sounds like he is making a ton of progress!! Stil praying for you all.