Tuesday, November 26, 2013


As Jeff finally nears the end of one life chapter (Chapter 54: In Which I Receive a Master's Degree and Become an Army Officer), and gets ready to begin another (Chapter 55: In Which I am Finally Home to Give My Wife a Break While I Wait to Finish my Officer Training), I find myself establishing some new goals of my own.
I like goals, I'm a goal setter. Goals make me happy. Accomplishing them makes me happier.
I am about to reach one goal-- Get through two years as a mostly single parent.
So I wanted to set some new ones.

Goal #1:
Officially blast away the last of the baby weight. I've got 17 pounds left and I KNOW I can melt it away before my birthday in March. Especially if Jeff is home and I have help around the house/with the boys.

Goal #2: Start writing my books. Very close to the top of my bucket list is to write a book. Well, now I've decided I want to write more than one. I have all of my ideas, now I just need that time to write them. I'm going to do this once Jeff is home. NO EXCUSES.

Goal #3:
Keep using a cleaning lady
I hired a gal last week to help me clean for a party I had at my house (book club!). It was probably the best decision I made. My house was glowing! She did such a good job and I didn't have to do one dang thing the whole night. It still looks great. I am pretty neat and try to do a good scrubbing of a different room each night, but it was just so nice to know that she had already taken care of everything. I want to keep doing this, even if it is just having her come in for a deep clean once a month.

Goal #4:
Go on a trip with my husband.
I want to go on a trip with just him. I would really like to go to New Orleans...or Disneyland...or Canada. Wherever it is, I want just an "us" trip. We used to do that before we had Gabriel, and adding two kids has, of course, complicated our "us time," but that is to be expected. Most nights we would rather just be together eating a pint of Talenti on the couch and watching Supernatural. I really want to go on a once-a-year trip with him.

Goal #5: Go on a trip with the boys.
I really want to take the boys to something Disney...really. I do. But the tricky part is deciding if we take them when they are younger. Or if we wait until they are older. My parents waited until my brother and I were older to have the Disney experience. Maybe that's why I still freaking love all things Disney.

Five goals. That sounds pretty good.
Cheers to the next set of goals and life chapters.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Every so often, when Jeff comes home on the weekends, he will work out in our living room. Just some regular ole' sit ups and push ups, nothing too fancy. Caderyn used to sit and watch Jeff workout, and then he wanted to participate. So while Jeff would be doing push ups and sit ups, Caderyn would be right there next to him, imitating the work out, and of course talking a million miles a minute about what they were doing.

After Jeff left last Sunday, Caderyn played with his toys, he colored, but then he got bored.

Caderyn: Mommy, I'm done coloring. Now I'm going to workout.
Walks over into the living room and starts doing push ups (four-year-old style).
Me: Oh you're working out are you?
Caderyn: Yeah. I've got to get in shape.
Hooks his little feet under the couch and starts doing sit ups (Not joking).
Me: Get in shape for what, buddy? Are you trying to impress someone?
Caderyn: Yeah. You.

And then I walked around my house with a goofy mom-grin the rest of the night. I also watched Caderyn continue to work out while I ate pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

But in my mind I was working out too...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Nothing super exciting.
But hey now, I'm taking pictures!
Someone kept dozing off on the way home from daycare. Every time I would try and snap a picture, he would jolt awake and give me this face. I think someone likes the camera.
Wearing one of Grandpa's hats and looking good!
Visiting my Grandma's grave site (no marker yet), taking her flowers, and talking to her a bit. We sure miss her. Every time we go back to Great Falls we are going to visit her.
Watching cartoon with Gramps in the exact same position.
My sweet treats for the week. Strawberry Oreo from Big Dipper and a very large glass on Lange Pinot Gris. Yum!
And now a play in four acts.
Act One: He is hungry 
Act Two: Dinner is still not ready, ergo, he shall throw himself on the ground.  
Act Three: Flailing begins to prove just how hungry he is.  
Act Four: He is fed...stinker.
Playing in the tunnel
I've had a sore ankle for about two months now. Caderyn was checking it out.
Loosey Lucy (see what I did there?) She fell off the couch right after this picture was taken.
I laughed.
Caderyn got up this morning and made his bed all on his own.
I always make his bed. This hasn't been a part of his morning chores, nor have I shown him how to make his bed.
I'm kind of impressed.

Monday, November 18, 2013


A few years ago, I was one of those people that put up "What I'm Thankful For" each and every day. I tried it again the year after and just found myself getting irritated with pretty much everything. It was too material- how many times can I say I'm thankful for coffee, movies, or cute boots. It felt too repetitive- of course I'm thankful for my family, they are awesome. Duh!
It just didn't feel...sincere, yes, that might be the right word, when I broadcast it to all of...Facebook. There, I think that's probably the nicest way I can put it. It felt so silly and petty. Now some people can post for days and years what they are thankful for, but not me. It felt silly, plus I'm kind of getting over the whole "Facbook needs to know EVERYTHING I'm doing" phase.
I mean, that's what I have a blog for now anyways...right?

This past year has been a hard one for our family. I don't need to get into a lot of detail, but, yeah, this year has been one tough cookie. Pretty much every area of our lives have been tested this past year. Marriage, heart strength, patience, finances...the list goes on.

I've found myself thinking a lot about this past year. I've actually been sitting on my couch when the kids are in bed and thinking about the day, the week, the month, and the year. I never just sit.
I've sat and wondered about the past, the present, and our future. Some nights, the thoughts consume me and I've woken up in the middle of the night covered in sweat and my heart racing.

But we're still here. We're still moving forward each and every day.
And for that I am thankful.
Some days it is easy to give in to the negative. It is easy to surround yourself with the dark cloud and all too easy to find that self pity. Oh how I loathe the self pity! Go back to your corner self pity, no one invited you!

As 2013 begins to wind up, I am thankful we made it through this year.
I am thankful to have learned the things we've learned, both the good and the bad.
I am thankful, as always, for my family.
I am thankful for my children, this year has been proof that they are truly gifts.
I am thankful for my mental strength, this year it was put to the test.

And probably the most important thing I am thankful for is the future.
We don't know what awaits us, but I am positive (I've got this feeling, yo) that things will only go up from here.

And now, a funny video:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


A peek at our newest family photos by my FAB friend, Lisa.

Hey, sup?
We've just been going through the motions these last few days, and that's not really interesting. So I just kind of hid my head in shame and didn't write anything.
But then I missed writing.
So here I am, with nothing particularly interesting to write about, but who cares?

One month from today Jeff will be DONE with school and ROTC. Woohoo! On to the next stage. He should find out this Friday what specialty he was selected for (Transportation, Logistics, Artillery, Infantry etc). He still has some schooling with the military to finish up, his BOLC (Basic Officer Leader Course), and then we shall move on again to the next chapter.

I recently bought myself a new pair of slippers that I am in freaking love with. Some people love designer brands, I love my comfort items like slippers and robes. I tried really hard to wait until Christmas for some slippers, but yo, I live in Montana, it gets way too cold to just be walking around my house in socks. I do need a robe for Christmas...

Speaking of Christmas, has anyone else started compiling a list?
I have. It is a list not yet complete, but filled with photo visuals for reference and lots of links.
I told my dad yesterday I might just make a PowerPoint.

Anyone who knows me should have the undoubted knowledge that I like myself some ice cream. Also, I'm not one of those people who is like, "Oh, I would just like a little scoop of ice cream." Heck no! I am the person that's like give me two scoops...different flavors...with toppings...no I'm not sharing with you...It's MINE (*please insert best Gollum voice here*). So lately I have become addicted to the Talenti Gelato. Um holy yum! My personal favorite is the Caramel Cookie Crunch. Being that I am watching my weight, I usually eat some of this only on Friday nights or Saturdays and that's really all I need to get me through the week. My husband is not a big sweets fan, he likes things salty and with cheese. However, there is a new development in our relationship where as soon as I pop open that pint of gelato, he is right there with a spoon trying to deprive me of that sweet, sweet goodness. Because I like him, I share, but on the inside...well...you really don't want to know. It isn't pretty.

Gibby has been getting very brave recently and is trying to bring himself up to standing all on his own. On Sunday, he pushed himself up on his feet and stood BY HIMSELF for about five seconds.

Caderyn has been very curious about where I work this week. Because I work at a Catholic college, he wants to know if "God is my boss?" and "Have I met God because I work for him?" When I asked him why he thought that he said, "Well you have to work for God because there are all those crosses with Jesus where you work."
That kid doesn't miss a thing.

Lucy has been staying at the vet the last few nights. Poor little doggins is super sick and needed an IV for hydration she can't keep anything in her for more than 15 minutes. The vet called this morning and said she is doing better and might get to come home tonight or early tomorrow. They did x-rays and tests and couldn't find anything threatening, she just got super sick. Poor Gooser!

I've brought back the Peppermint Mocha creamer to my mornings. It has made them considerably better.

And there you have it.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I've got nothing.
This week has just kind of been blah. I'm still trying to recover from this strep throat, but Gabriel won't let me sleep long enough to really let my body repair. Oh Lord, please let me sleep. Please let me sleep more than two hours at a time. Gabriel has another ear infection. We went back to the doctor and were told he needed to see the ENT again since this was his 4th ear infection in less than two months. Our pediatrician mentioned he might need to have his adenoids out since the tubes that were put in his ears nearly a year ago, really haven't done anything.
But this is probably just sounding like a record on repeat to most of you.

So here is a cute video to keep you at bay until I get my fabulousness back.
Isn't this so cute?
Caderyn loves to wrestle with his Daddy and Gibby has recently started getting into the mix.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I dressed up as Princess Merida for Halloween at work.
I only took one picture.
I always think it would be fun to wear costumes, and then I forget.
I didn't forget this year.
You can't see very well but I also have my bow and arrow set and a bear...one of the brothers that gets turned into a bear.
I changed after the work party and passing out Halloween candy to the school kids 'cause it was too dang cold to wear a dress.


I figured it was probably time for an update on my recent, current, and future reads.
I tend to have book ADD and will flit in and out of 2-3 books at the same time. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with a book, I have to put it down for a few weeks and then I will pick right up where I left off and finish the whole thing in two days.

I'm hosting book club at my house this month. This is the book I chose. We got this as a wedding gift from some journalism professors. It takes place in Montana and is up there on my list of favorites. It is simple and lovely. I'm refreshing my memory of it this month for book club.
This one is about the whole Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn story. So far, it is...interesting.
I CAN DO IT. I can finish it. I can! I know I can!
Books I bought and WILL finish because I spent money on them, but right now are ON HOLD:
Not overly wowed by this one. A little too preachy for me, so I put it down for awhile. 
I really just want to finish the series but it is SO hard because IT. IS. THE. SAME. CRAP.
Books I've Read and What I Thought:
I picked this book up in Austin because I wanted something really easy to read while travelling in case my Kindle died. It was a very easy read. Kind of like Twilight, but better written. I will probably read the rest of the series eventually, but I'm in no rush.  
I finished the series again. GO ME! 
This was my book for October's book club.
So well written, so powerful. I really liked this book. It is serious and yet lighthearted and then serious again. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something with depth. Advisory: It has a few moments that are a little violent.
I finished this book when I was in Austin. My aunt suggested this to me and I loved it (Thanks Sylvia!).
The entire story, from beginning to end is just beautifully written. The author is able to visually create and mold the characters with his words that makes them seem extremely real and believable. It is funny, mysterious, and suspenseful. The only minor problem I had was observing the passage of time in the book. One minute the kid is 10 and then all of the sudden he has a lady friend. I was super confused, aghast...a tiny bit impressed, until I realized he was actually 18. Another one I would recommend.
What's On Deck:
Happy Reading!

Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy belated Halloween everyone!
Yesterday was so busy, I didn't have time to post.
We got up, Gibby was crabby and Caderyn was super excited. So excited...so excited.
Did I mention he was excited? I almost expected him to pull a "me" and throw up at some point during the day. For sometime, during my younger days I was the kid that would occasionally throw up from being so excited.
But Caderyn didn't. So that was good.
Our town does a Tot Trick-or-Treat for all of the businesses downtown.
My daycare gal took the kids downtown for that and I was able to meet them for about 45 minutes to walk with them while they got candy and see all of the costumes.
I picked up the kids a little early, we came home, had quiet/nap time and then I basically shoved dinner in their faces so we could get going.
It was pretty chilly. We lasted an hour and a half before the Gibster was DONE and let us know how he felt about Halloween by screaming all the way home.
He showed us!
Caderyn has been waiting since August to put on this costume. On Tuesday I let him try it on. He put it on, did this pose, and then turned his heel to go and start saving the world and ran smack into the wall. I laughed so hard (bad mom moment), I had a coughing fit. Caderyn shook it off  and said "Whoa, I got a little turned around there" and then took off running.
This made me laugh...
It's Shaq with like a little flying squirrel or something...and the squirrel talks with a lisp.
Gibby practiced wearing part of his costume most of the week so we could at least get some cute pictures.
One of our pumpkins. Caderyn decided to add those green plastic fingers...I think it looks kind of like Miley Cyrus...don't you think?
This kid loves to color.
Halloween morning I woke up to a corgi trying to hide. She knew what day it was and it filled her with dread. It was the annual day of Corgi Costume Shaming. She deserved it this year. Little dog found someones elk carcass remains in the alley behind our house (and i would just like to interject here that COME ON PEOPLE! Who leaves an elk carcass and guts in a freaking alley?) and has been enjoying snacks all week. Sadly, this also means her tummy has not been enjoying these snacks. I've been cleaning up dog vomit that pretty much looks like death all week. Thankfully it has been confined to my kitchen where I barricaded her.
Gross! You all wanted to hear that, right?
Excited boy eating breakfast on Halloween.
I brought the naughty dog to work with me and put her costume on. She freaked out about it for five minutes and raced up and down the hallway as fast as she could go.
So mad. She was so mad at me.
Gibby the Giraffe at Tot Trick-or-Treating
Here we go! Halloween 2013. Gibby the Dinosaur (my grandma made this costume a year ago before she couldn't sew anymore, so that is a VERY special costume) and Caderyn AKA Spiderman.
I loaded Gibby into the stroller with about a billion blankets and we walked up and down practically every street within five miles. Caderyn was sweating and got a ton of candy.