Thursday, November 7, 2013


I've got nothing.
This week has just kind of been blah. I'm still trying to recover from this strep throat, but Gabriel won't let me sleep long enough to really let my body repair. Oh Lord, please let me sleep. Please let me sleep more than two hours at a time. Gabriel has another ear infection. We went back to the doctor and were told he needed to see the ENT again since this was his 4th ear infection in less than two months. Our pediatrician mentioned he might need to have his adenoids out since the tubes that were put in his ears nearly a year ago, really haven't done anything.
But this is probably just sounding like a record on repeat to most of you.

So here is a cute video to keep you at bay until I get my fabulousness back.
Isn't this so cute?
Caderyn loves to wrestle with his Daddy and Gibby has recently started getting into the mix.

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