Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Every so often, when Jeff comes home on the weekends, he will work out in our living room. Just some regular ole' sit ups and push ups, nothing too fancy. Caderyn used to sit and watch Jeff workout, and then he wanted to participate. So while Jeff would be doing push ups and sit ups, Caderyn would be right there next to him, imitating the work out, and of course talking a million miles a minute about what they were doing.

After Jeff left last Sunday, Caderyn played with his toys, he colored, but then he got bored.

Caderyn: Mommy, I'm done coloring. Now I'm going to workout.
Walks over into the living room and starts doing push ups (four-year-old style).
Me: Oh you're working out are you?
Caderyn: Yeah. I've got to get in shape.
Hooks his little feet under the couch and starts doing sit ups (Not joking).
Me: Get in shape for what, buddy? Are you trying to impress someone?
Caderyn: Yeah. You.

And then I walked around my house with a goofy mom-grin the rest of the night. I also watched Caderyn continue to work out while I ate pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

But in my mind I was working out too...