Tuesday, November 26, 2013


As Jeff finally nears the end of one life chapter (Chapter 54: In Which I Receive a Master's Degree and Become an Army Officer), and gets ready to begin another (Chapter 55: In Which I am Finally Home to Give My Wife a Break While I Wait to Finish my Officer Training), I find myself establishing some new goals of my own.
I like goals, I'm a goal setter. Goals make me happy. Accomplishing them makes me happier.
I am about to reach one goal-- Get through two years as a mostly single parent.
So I wanted to set some new ones.

Goal #1:
Officially blast away the last of the baby weight. I've got 17 pounds left and I KNOW I can melt it away before my birthday in March. Especially if Jeff is home and I have help around the house/with the boys.

Goal #2: Start writing my books. Very close to the top of my bucket list is to write a book. Well, now I've decided I want to write more than one. I have all of my ideas, now I just need that time to write them. I'm going to do this once Jeff is home. NO EXCUSES.

Goal #3:
Keep using a cleaning lady
I hired a gal last week to help me clean for a party I had at my house (book club!). It was probably the best decision I made. My house was glowing! She did such a good job and I didn't have to do one dang thing the whole night. It still looks great. I am pretty neat and try to do a good scrubbing of a different room each night, but it was just so nice to know that she had already taken care of everything. I want to keep doing this, even if it is just having her come in for a deep clean once a month.

Goal #4:
Go on a trip with my husband.
I want to go on a trip with just him. I would really like to go to New Orleans...or Disneyland...or Canada. Wherever it is, I want just an "us" trip. We used to do that before we had Gabriel, and adding two kids has, of course, complicated our "us time," but that is to be expected. Most nights we would rather just be together eating a pint of Talenti on the couch and watching Supernatural. I really want to go on a once-a-year trip with him.

Goal #5: Go on a trip with the boys.
I really want to take the boys to something Disney...really. I do. But the tricky part is deciding if we take them when they are younger. Or if we wait until they are older. My parents waited until my brother and I were older to have the Disney experience. Maybe that's why I still freaking love all things Disney.

Five goals. That sounds pretty good.
Cheers to the next set of goals and life chapters.

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