Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy belated Halloween everyone!
Yesterday was so busy, I didn't have time to post.
We got up, Gibby was crabby and Caderyn was super excited. So excited.
Did I mention he was excited? I almost expected him to pull a "me" and throw up at some point during the day. For sometime, during my younger days I was the kid that would occasionally throw up from being so excited.
But Caderyn didn't. So that was good.
Our town does a Tot Trick-or-Treat for all of the businesses downtown.
My daycare gal took the kids downtown for that and I was able to meet them for about 45 minutes to walk with them while they got candy and see all of the costumes.
I picked up the kids a little early, we came home, had quiet/nap time and then I basically shoved dinner in their faces so we could get going.
It was pretty chilly. We lasted an hour and a half before the Gibster was DONE and let us know how he felt about Halloween by screaming all the way home.
He showed us!
Caderyn has been waiting since August to put on this costume. On Tuesday I let him try it on. He put it on, did this pose, and then turned his heel to go and start saving the world and ran smack into the wall. I laughed so hard (bad mom moment), I had a coughing fit. Caderyn shook it off  and said "Whoa, I got a little turned around there" and then took off running.
This made me laugh...
It's Shaq with like a little flying squirrel or something...and the squirrel talks with a lisp.
Gibby practiced wearing part of his costume most of the week so we could at least get some cute pictures.
One of our pumpkins. Caderyn decided to add those green plastic fingers...I think it looks kind of like Miley Cyrus...don't you think?
This kid loves to color.
Halloween morning I woke up to a corgi trying to hide. She knew what day it was and it filled her with dread. It was the annual day of Corgi Costume Shaming. She deserved it this year. Little dog found someones elk carcass remains in the alley behind our house (and i would just like to interject here that COME ON PEOPLE! Who leaves an elk carcass and guts in a freaking alley?) and has been enjoying snacks all week. Sadly, this also means her tummy has not been enjoying these snacks. I've been cleaning up dog vomit that pretty much looks like death all week. Thankfully it has been confined to my kitchen where I barricaded her.
Gross! You all wanted to hear that, right?
Excited boy eating breakfast on Halloween.
I brought the naughty dog to work with me and put her costume on. She freaked out about it for five minutes and raced up and down the hallway as fast as she could go.
So mad. She was so mad at me.
Gibby the Giraffe at Tot Trick-or-Treating
Here we go! Halloween 2013. Gibby the Dinosaur (my grandma made this costume a year ago before she couldn't sew anymore, so that is a VERY special costume) and Caderyn AKA Spiderman.
I loaded Gibby into the stroller with about a billion blankets and we walked up and down practically every street within five miles. Caderyn was sweating and got a ton of candy.

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