Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Nothing super exciting.
But hey now, I'm taking pictures!
Someone kept dozing off on the way home from daycare. Every time I would try and snap a picture, he would jolt awake and give me this face. I think someone likes the camera.
Wearing one of Grandpa's hats and looking good!
Visiting my Grandma's grave site (no marker yet), taking her flowers, and talking to her a bit. We sure miss her. Every time we go back to Great Falls we are going to visit her.
Watching cartoon with Gramps in the exact same position.
My sweet treats for the week. Strawberry Oreo from Big Dipper and a very large glass on Lange Pinot Gris. Yum!
And now a play in four acts.
Act One: He is hungry 
Act Two: Dinner is still not ready, ergo, he shall throw himself on the ground.  
Act Three: Flailing begins to prove just how hungry he is.  
Act Four: He is fed...stinker.
Playing in the tunnel
I've had a sore ankle for about two months now. Caderyn was checking it out.
Loosey Lucy (see what I did there?) She fell off the couch right after this picture was taken.
I laughed.
Caderyn got up this morning and made his bed all on his own.
I always make his bed. This hasn't been a part of his morning chores, nor have I shown him how to make his bed.
I'm kind of impressed.

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

Good to see Gibby standing etc!!!
Saw your slippers when dr. Caydern was looking. I will hve to check out for them they do look comfy.
And bed-wowzers!