Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I figured it was probably time for an update on my recent, current, and future reads.
I tend to have book ADD and will flit in and out of 2-3 books at the same time. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with a book, I have to put it down for a few weeks and then I will pick right up where I left off and finish the whole thing in two days.

I'm hosting book club at my house this month. This is the book I chose. We got this as a wedding gift from some journalism professors. It takes place in Montana and is up there on my list of favorites. It is simple and lovely. I'm refreshing my memory of it this month for book club.
This one is about the whole Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn story. So far, it is...interesting.
I CAN DO IT. I can finish it. I can! I know I can!
Books I bought and WILL finish because I spent money on them, but right now are ON HOLD:
Not overly wowed by this one. A little too preachy for me, so I put it down for awhile. 
I really just want to finish the series but it is SO hard because IT. IS. THE. SAME. CRAP.
Books I've Read and What I Thought:
I picked this book up in Austin because I wanted something really easy to read while travelling in case my Kindle died. It was a very easy read. Kind of like Twilight, but better written. I will probably read the rest of the series eventually, but I'm in no rush.  
I finished the series again. GO ME! 
This was my book for October's book club.
So well written, so powerful. I really liked this book. It is serious and yet lighthearted and then serious again. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something with depth. Advisory: It has a few moments that are a little violent.
I finished this book when I was in Austin. My aunt suggested this to me and I loved it (Thanks Sylvia!).
The entire story, from beginning to end is just beautifully written. The author is able to visually create and mold the characters with his words that makes them seem extremely real and believable. It is funny, mysterious, and suspenseful. The only minor problem I had was observing the passage of time in the book. One minute the kid is 10 and then all of the sudden he has a lady friend. I was super confused, aghast...a tiny bit impressed, until I realized he was actually 18. Another one I would recommend.
What's On Deck:
Happy Reading!

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