Thursday, December 5, 2013


And now a little story to thaw your Grinchy hearts before we get to the good stuff.
Caderyn is at his best first thing in the morning when he wakes up. He staggers out of his room with hair so pointy it loos like each hair is attending a static electricity convention. His eyes are just two tiny slits of white, barely open, barely seeing. His face is scrunched up like he smells something funky, but is usually because the lights are too bright, yet, for his eyes.
Today was no different.
But wait! I have to take you back!
Throughout this week we have been slowly decorating for Christmas. We have opened a box each night and set out the decorations together, usually after Gabriel has gone to sleep. As we went through the boxes, I began to get more and more nervous since we had been unable to locate our Elf on a Shelf, also called George.
As I emptied the last of the boxes out of our storage unit last night, I began to sweat a little.
I couldn't find George anywhere.
But then, HARK! There he was stuffed inside my purple stocking.
So last night I set about staging George's epic comeback.
I kind of just free styled everything.
I got a Fisher Price airplane and stuck him in it atop our china cabinet.
Then I got to thinking, well that's not really going to get Caderyn's attention, so off I went to search for something to add to the display.
I can across some blue crepe paper and just kind of went to town on my dining room. It was draped around every square inch of that room. You couldn't miss it.
After 20 minutes of hanging the paper, I sincerely regretted my decision.
It was kind of annoying. Plus, I didn't drape it high enough for me, so my head and neck area kept getting twisted in the paper.
Here is what part of the room, with George looked like.
Now imagine that blue paper draped like that around the entire dining room.
So this morning, I staged everything perfectly.
I made it look like I hadn't come out of my room yet for the morning when Caderyn tottered
( I like that word) in this morning.
He came is all electrified and scrunchy faced and immediately wanted to tell me about a funny dream he'd had. He crawled up next to me in bed and shared his dream while I listened.
Then I hopped out of bed.
"Okay!" I said. "Mom's going to get ready! Why don't you go snuggle on the couch for a bit?"
And off he went out into the dining room where the soft winter sun was just starting to illuminate the room. I knew he could see everything and I could hear him making "Oooohs" and "Aaaahs," but I continued to get ready in the bathroom.
In comes Caderyn.
Caderyn: Mommy, I'm going to tell you something.
Me: What is it bud?
Caderyn: Thumbs up, good job on the decorating. (Gives me a thumbs up)
Me: (desperately trying not to laugh) What do you mean?
Caderyn: All of that paper sure looks good.
Me: What are you talking about.
So out we go into the dining room
Me: Oh my! What happened? Who did this? This is terrible!
Caderyn: You didn't do it?
Me: No way! This is just awful! Who would come into our house and do this?
Caderyn: (he sees George) A sneaky little elf would, Mommy! You tell him how you feel!
And then I lectured George on being a courteous guest.
The elf is fun, but man sometimes it feels super creepy explaining him, what he's doing in our house, and then having to find him in a different place each day.
He is watching you my pretties. Always watching.
Now repeat that sentence in your best Wicked Witch voice.

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