Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Colder weather= Bundled up Gibby
It has been two months, but I finally got my nails done again. Aaaaaah feels so good.  

Hi my name is Sarah and I have a gossip magazine addiction.

Eating Griz cookies and watching the Griz cream the Cats.

Our friend's dog, Sophie, is a Griz fan.

Lucy was an only child for a weekend. She LOVED it.

I sang Christmas songs to the boys on the way to Great Falls for Thanksgiving. This is what Gibby did...STINKER.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Breakfast casserole on Thanksgiving morning. Mmmmmm.

Introducing Caderyn to Harry Potter

He talked the whole time...

Thankful to be together on this Thanksgiving.

After a couple hours of Black Friday shopping, Westin was D.O.N.E

I love shopping with these ladies every year. We have so much fun and laugh until our faces hurt.

Before we left Great Falls to head back home, we visited my Grandma, cleaned up the leaves, and took her some Christmas cheer.

Lucy is getting ready to play Mary in the Nativity scene.

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