Monday, December 16, 2013


Excuse me while I dust off the keyboard over here.
Wow! Where have I been lately? Sheesh.

Last week was so, so busy, but also AMAZING!
My husband graduated with a Master's degree AND...did I mention AND, he got commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army.
There is so much more to tell you, but, alas (did I really just say "alas?"), all in good times my friends, all in good times.
We also had my work Christmas party, best one yet!
And, because we didn't have enough already packed into our weekend, we threw Jeff a celebration party in which I drank more champagne and wine than I'm used to having. Ooof.  
Caderyn is still over-the-moon excited to have his Daddy home and, because, you know, its Christmas.
Gibby is starting to stand all of time time, he walks only holding on to one finger for assistance AND he can say "Cookie," "Mimi," and "Mema" now. That all happened this week.
So, yeah. We've been busy.

Here are some picture quips from the last two weeks:
George and his shennanigans.
Um, yes. It has been quite cold here lately.
Last weekend I braved the extreme cold (see below) and went to Great Falls for the day to celebrate my cousin, Becky, and the impending arrival of TWINS! Boy and girl twins! I had a great, great time. I love my family.
Sheesh. It was cold.
Sometimes George really creeps me out. This was one of those moments.
It was so cold even the doggins needed snuggling. She sure gave me the evil eye though after I tucked her in...
Santa letter, 2013
Oh Christmas Tree!
We had THE BEST band at my work Christmas Party this year. The Clinton's are a well known band in Montana and we got their sub-group, The Wench, to play at ours.
Money well spent. They were great. The two guys from the band are in the red and the green shirt. The gentleman in all black is the school priest, Fr. Marc. He got up on stage with them for probably an hour and helped them play instruments. It was hilarious to see how much fun he was having.
Me and my officer. :)
So, earlier last week Jeff told me that he had to give gifts to people who influenced him during school and ROTC. He told me he didn't have a gift for me, but wanted me to go ahead and pick out a wedding ring upgrade. I was all "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YES PLEASE!" And so I marched myself over to my friend's jewelry store and tried on some fancy duds (that were within our budget). We've narrowed it down to two choices. Now I just have to decide... Help, I need help! What do you all think?
Option One
Option Two 
We threw Jeff a graduation/commissioning celebration party. About 20 people came and it was a blast! Thanks again to all of our friends who helped us celebrate!
Popping some bubbly
Greeting friends
Pictures of me eating 
Creme brulee! Oh how I love Benny's creme brulee!
Man friends and neighbors 
Who here has had more than two glasses of wine?
Jeff's dad and a friend snuck across the street to share a flask of brandy.
I shall call this: Incriminating Evidence
My mother-in-law, Pam holding baby Katie, Casey is next to them, she is Katie's mom.
Max and Gavin 
The Mauch family
A gentleman and an officer 
Mandy and Paiden.
More incriminating evidence
So much wine-judgement going on in this picture. :)
Neighbors, friends, majestic unicorns (aka, red heads)
Definitely majestic unicorns
Lucy was exhausted after the party...even though she wasn't invited.
We met some friends for breakfast the next morning. Caderyn got ahold of my phone.
Curls! Oh look at those curls!

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

I like ring #1 (the 3 stone one) and Yeah for Gibby standing etc. and Congrats to Jeff on all his accomplishments.