Monday, December 23, 2013


Jeff and I got a free pass last night. 

His parents took the boys for the night while we drove back home (I had to work today).

We sat in our house, devoid of our noisy, messy children (but really, we missed them) and we wrapped presents, we folded laundry, we organized, and we laughed. 

And then we went out on a fabulous dinner date to one of our favorite's, Lucca's, and had an extremely filling dinner.  We each had a drink and a very filling entree while we chatted. We talked about the future and how happy we both were that Jeff is done with ROTC and school. We talked about how excited we are for the new year and everything that is yet to come. We talked about how good our children are and how blessed we feel.

I'm out today until after the New Year. (Woop, woop)

Santa is going to be very generous to our children this year. They have been good and have endured one of the roughest of years with us. Jeff and I both talked about how we feel pretty confident that we won't corrupt our children. 

Hey, we've made it this far...

Merry Christmas my friends! May you experience love and happiness this holiday season.
Happy 2014 peeps! Keep checking up on the ole' bloggy blog for updates on the life in our crazy family. Remember, as far as everyone else is concerned, we're a "nice" and "normal" family. Spread the word.


2014 will be filled with lots of new changes. Lots of milestones to be reached. Multiple books to be read. More television shows to get addicted to. Lots of funny quips to come from Caderyn. Dramatic monologues from Lucy. Updates on the boys. Musing from me (always the very best). Travels to be documented. And oh so much more.

Swan, OUT!

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Unknown said...

Love love love the pictures! Happy holidays to you guys.