Wednesday, December 4, 2013


What's up foo-dizzles?
I'm feeling especially quirky this week. Maybe it is the holiday spirit, maybe its that I ate two cookies yesterday and completely trashed my "no-sugar" rule for the week, or maybe it is lack of sleep considering I only got about two hours last night.
Silly children.
Anywhoooooooooo, I figured I would let you all in on some fabulous randomosity in my my brain...whatever.
Here ya go!

I have never, ever cooked a large holiday dinner. I've helped, but that's it. For Thanksgiving I made green bean casserole for the first time EVER. It was amazing and complicated (I tried to go as pure with my ingredients as possible--no canned goods) and my father-in-law chipped in to help but the end product was SO good. But, just making that took time and it made me wonder what kind of trouble I would be in when I had to make my own meal...
I'm actually kind of terrified of the turkey.

Breakfast is my MOST favorite meal of each and every day. Oh yum!

I organize my children's clothing by the order in which it was last worn. I cycle through trying to get everything worn more than once. I seriously will spend an hour organizing their drawers so that the shirt that was last worn a month ago, gets worn sooner than the shirt that was worn the day before. What is wrong with me?

I have started keeping a notebook next to my bed. When I think of something I need to do or an idea, I've been writing it down. If I don't, I think and think about it and never fall asleep or I wake up at a random time thinking about it. Last night I wrote: "Ask Jeff if he can watch boys so Dad and I can go see Frozen" because, you know, Father-Daughter time is important too. Especially if your husband won't go with you to see the latest Disney movie.

I love sending people snail mail.

I shower at night and brush my teeth while I'm in the shower. Time saver people!

I wear sunscreen every single day It goes on my face, my neck, and my hands. Sometimes I remember to put it on my ears too...

Lately, I have been craving WEIRD foods- definitely NOT pregnant-- but things that I never eat. Like hot dogs (gross!), I don't eat hot dogs, but for some reason I've been smelling and craving a hot dog. Isn't that weird. Again, definitely NOT pregnant. Don't need to go into any more detail on that.

I am one of those people that goes shopping on Black Friday and enjoys it. I absolutely refuse to go shopping on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day for enjoying family and being thankful. Then, after dessert, you sit down with all of the ads and plot your course. I am not malicious or competitive when it comes to shopping. I shop simply to get a better deal on something and to make the most fun out of it I can. I love going with my aunts and cousins, we make a day of it with lots of coffee and treat stops in between. Some of the door busters I'd had my eye on were gone when I got there around 4:00 a.m. (yep, that's when I started), but it really wasn't the end of the world and I found something else to replace it.

Our current future is in some sort of limbo right now, but I'm excited for it.

I have a weird online shopping addiction where I'm constantly looking at stuff online and adding it to a basket. Seriously, yesterday Zulily had about 15 things I was ready to buy. So, in that sense I'm addicted to adding stuff to my online baskets, but then I close the window for an hour or two and work or get caught up in something at home and I will have completely talked myself out of it.
I've probably justified buying maybe six things online in the past 3-months because I've researched prices and determined what I'm getting is really and truly a great deal.

Oh and that's another thing, I generally research everything I buy right now to some extent.

I don't enjoy sleeping alone, but I do enjoy being able to stretch out and have the bed to myself.

I love to travel, but get really bad travel anxiety.

I'm not great at checking my voicemails...

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