Friday, January 10, 2014


Continuing with the theme of "Whirlwind" for our 2013 holiday season, I present to you this next series of photos that will bring us up to present day.

The day after Christmas, my family got together for dinner and game night at my cousin's house. My brother tried to snooze after dinner before we started playing games, and my dad and uncle thought the best way to wake him up was by wailing (that's a whitty wrestling term we like to use in my family) on him.


It should also be noted that my brother is very ticklish and was squealing like a goose-girl. All honky and off-pitch.

Caderyn/Ironman quickly took control of the situation and rushed in to save Uncle Taylor.  

And from then on Uncle Taylor was safe.

The next day, Caderyn and I woke up with norovirus. It was fantastic (that last word is heavy with sarcasm and eye rolls). Poor buddy and I just stayed in bed, only getting up to be sick. 

For the record absolutely everyone on my Dad's side of the family got this bug. It started with my cousin the Friday before Christmas and went through all of us, about 11 of us all got sick. 

Hey, the family that gets sick together, stays together.

He just looks like he feels icky, doesn't he?

After our sick day, my parents watched the boys for three hours so Jeff and I could go car shopping. Ugh.  My parents and the kids were in heaven. Me? Not so much. I hate car shopping. I hate feeling pressured, I hate trying to figure out if we're getting a good deal or not. I just hate it. We still haven't found one yet...we have two weeks before we absolutely need to have one. Blerg.

Isn't this happiness!?!

The next day, Jeff started to get sick, so I packed up the boys and headed up to Sharva's (cousin) so we could get away from the germs. She has a beautiful house on top of Riverview overlooking Great Falls. It was nice to be with her and her little guy, Westin.  

Ready for a new year.  


Caderyn got to stay up until 10:00 p.m. on New Year's Eve. That's as late as I'd let him stay awake. Kiddo needs his sleep. He had fun playing with toys, watching cartoons and lighting off fireworks with Papa. 

Once all the kids were in bed we played some games. Left, Right, Center was a popular one and then Mad Gabs was the one that had us laughing uncontrollably.

Game night brings out the competitor in all of us.   
The ladies celebrating 2014 with a yummy new drink. Sea Breeze, I think?
From left to right: Christy (my aunt), Sharva (cousin), Dad, Mom, Me, and Sandy (longtime friend of family--kind of like a second mother).

We headed back home to Helena on January 2 with parents in tow. They got a hotel room and spent the night swimming with the boys until bedtime and then Caderyn got the luxury of getting to spend the night with them. 

They headed back to Great Falls on Friday and flew back home to Phoenix on Saturday.

Like I said. Our whole vacation was a whirlwind.

Here are some other randoms that happened in the last week or so. 

This being the first Christmas without my Grandma, my Grandpa did Christmas all by himself this year. He did a fantastic job. I got some leg warmers and I love them in all of their striped glory. They are perfect for running/ walking outside while it is still cold and they match my new, black Keen boots perfectly. PERFECTLY!

That "polar vortex" shut down a connecting airport outside of Montana and forced my cousin and her husband Neal to drive up to Helena from Bozeman for a different flight. They are in Panama right now for a vacation...lucky. They got to stop by for a quick visit and Lucy just fell in love with Neal. She wouldn't leave his side, as you can see. Neal wasn't too thrilled about it.

Lately, Lucy has been very cuddly and cute-- More so than she usually is on a regular basis. She's taken to sleeping in our bed again, which is kind of a big deal since she stopped doing this once we had Caderyn. She keeps my feet so toasty warm.

Gibby recently discovered tickling. He had Caderyn pinned on the ground and then would lift up his shirt to poke his tummy. Caderyn had some of the best belly laughs and Gibby was pretty proud of himself.  

Lucy felt left out and tried to get in on the fun. 

Oh! My heart!

Oh. Man. Are you ready for this next part?

My lovah from another motha, Bryanna, and I have recently been finding photos from our YOUTH! Youths! (anyone get that reference? If not click here)

Here are some doozies (sidebar: I actually just Googled "plural of doozy." Not sure if I feel smarter...or not smarter for knowing...or maybe I should have known that. I'm trapped!).

But I digress. 

Here are some doozies I found while going through pictures. 

And yes, there will be many more to come. Mwahahaha. 

The Doc Martens. The sunnies. The striped polo shirt I'm wearing.
I mean...seriously.
I couldn't get this one to turn. 

Whatever. Look at how awesome my legs look. Don't look at my bangs, just look at my leggggs. 

We used to go rock climbing a lot when I was in high school. 

I kind of miss it. It was fun and a good work out both emotionally and physically. 

I'd like to start that up again. 

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Your blog looks so prof now!! Love the header. :) Glad ya'll had a nice Christmas (except the funk!). Love ya and Happy New Year!!