Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As I said yesterday, our Christmas was just crazy busy. We stayed in Montana this year, so you think it would be easier being at home...but no.
I worked until the 23rd of December and was busy trying to get our house ready, wrap all presents, pack everything to head out of town, bake/cook, and coordinate dates with family and friends.  
We got a pretty good snow storm the week before Christmas. Jeff took the boys to Great Falls so I enjoyed some time to myself and took Lucy on a snowy night walk. Snow at night is my favorite. I love the pinkish hue of the snowing sky and the silence. Lucy likes to stick her nose in the snow and then toss her head and the snow up. Then she bounds and races around like the happiest dog in the world. 
Sooo tired after playing in the snow.

We took a trip to the Sip N Dip in Great Falls.
My brother had never been, so my friend and I took him.
He was in heaven (just look his face). 
Taylor ordered the always popular fishbowl. 
And then he wanted more pictures with the mermaids.  

The next morning, Lucy was anxious for attention from her favorite uncle.
"Pay attention to me!"
Admiring a special gift and tribute to my grandma that was given to everyone in the family this year.

We picked my mom up from the airport and then I met back up with the boys. We hung out at my in-laws house for a bit before heading home for a date night and to prepare for the busy Christmas week ahead. But first, I gave the Gibby-monster a bath and he SPLASHED! 

We ate at Lucca's, our favorite restaurant, for our date night. This is probably my most favorite thing that they bring you, cibatta bread with balsamic risotto dipping sauce. Oh man, it is like a tastebud EXPLOSION it is so good. 

And this was all before Christmas!

Dance us into tomorrow Gibby!

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