Tuesday, January 28, 2014


We are entering the final stretch of being four with this guy. He is closing in on that fifth year and when I think about him being five...FIVE...Five. I just get all antsy and a little bit grumpy about how quickly he is growing.

Caderyn is t-a-l-l. He is about half my size right now. Anyone who meets him or sees him always comments on how tall he is.

Caderyn has the craziest cowlicks at the back of his hair. They are much more prominent in the morning and refuse to go down even with rigorous hair brushing.

Caderyn's tics have been fair. I've noticed they've evolved into a lot of mouth wiping and touching with his hands (which just kills me with all of the germ thoughts) and also putting fingers around his nose, not necessarily picking, but touching. I am trying to work with him on correcting this. He gave himself a little pimple over the weekend from the touching, so I talked about germs and how we try to keep out hands out of our mouth and nose (again, I am a bit of a germaphobe, so it takes a lot of restraint not to make a big deal out of the fingers being in the mouth, or constantly touching the mouth and nose).

He talks. All of the time. Still. He can't watch a movie without telling you what is happening. He can't just sit quietly, he has to tell you what he's thinking.

He does not like to be sent to his room. This isn't for timeout (which is also in his room) , but I've been trying to send him there for quiet play time. Our house is too small for him to use each room as his play area. I'm okay with him playing in the living room and dining room on occasion, but lately I've been feeling crowded with the number of toys strewn all over our house. I decided to give Caderyn the options of helping me clean or playing in his room. He drives me crazy with the amount of whine that follows. "But I don't waaaaaaaaant to plaaaaay in my room. I waaaaaaant to plaaaaay out here." I'm going to be firm with this!

He has really been finding his voice and independence. He has also been finding himself in timeout a lot for the way he speaks. I don't stand for disrespect and have certain expectations of him when in public or with guests.

He really is such a good helper. He usually helps the first time asked and loves working together toward a goal.

He is starting to talk more with his hands when he's telling you something. I love it.

He loves to build forts.

He is hungry all of the time. I can't keep up with him.

He is full of toots and thinks its funny. Sometimes it is...most times it isn't.

He has become shy about changing clothes in front of people. I don't know where this one came from, but I'm trying to relax him on it a little. He needs to be comfortable in his skin.

He waits until the last possible second to go to the bathroom. He will be playing and then all of the sudden he gets a panicked look on his face and will rush off as fast as he can into the bathroom. If it is really bad you can usually hear his feet stomping as he tries to get his pants unbuttoned. I love it.

He would eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if he could.

He loves to dance and has some pretty sweet moves.

He is sensitive.

He is a goof.

He loves coloring and drawing pictures. He is getting very creative.

He will eat most vegetables with some coaxing.

He loves our new car and constantly asks to go for rides so he can watch a movie).

He likes to play games, especially Candyland.

He likes to read books, especially Search and Find books.

He loves when people come over and will generally rope them into playing with him or reading to him. He is quite the negotiator.

He is excited about his birthday. He wants a pool party that is Lego themed. Done and done.

He is perceptive and thoughtful.

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