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This first sequence of pictures was actually from Dec. 23, but I missed them so here they are on my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day post. 

You're welcome.

Have I mentioned that I have a niece and I love her?! Her name is Ziva and she is a little spitfire with curly hair. I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I had hoped. We were busy, and, oh yeah, there were two kids who were squaring off for my attention (are they mine?). We get to see Ziva and her family again this summer and I'm going to smother her with auntie love without the distraction of Christmas. Yay!

My brother-in-law, Justin, and Ziva have a special father-daughter bond. It is adorable to see them together.  

We got Ziva a sparkly bracelet as one of her gifts and I spent a few minutes one night teaching her the correct way to princess wave. Very important stuff to see in the above pictures.

Christmas Eve
 Such a fun day (and a whirlwind). Caderyn spent the majority of his day looking at the wrapped presents beneath the tree and arranging them and then going back and rearranging. He probably did this five times before we made him hop in the shower for church. Jeff's older brother and fiancee arrived a little after lunch. Once they were settled we all got ready (yay for the Children's Mass!) and went out to grab a quick taco (Taco Treat what what) before church.
After that we flew over to church and sat through the longest children's mass I have ever attended. It was still adorable. I love the energy in that mass. The kids are so excited and everyone is dressed up in their Christmas duds. Gibby was a little bit of a handful at mass, but we made it through.  
Ziva in her Christmas outfit (and a red flash from another camera that actually works with the look) 
Gibby's hair did weird things on Christmas Eve. He ended up looking a little bit like an old man.  
Hey, remember the time I tried to get one nice photo of the boys on Christmas Eve? Yeah, it didn't work.
Gibby was in bed, Caderyn was watching The Grinch, so the family dug into their traditional crab legs and prime rib Christmas Eve dinner. SO SO good. I don't eat crab legs, but the prime rib AH AHHHHHHH so amazing! Jeff's mom and dad put out an amazing spread.  
Before bed, we let Caderyn open one gift from a grandparent. This was my tradition growing up and I want to pass it on to our children. It helps put the icing on an already fun and exciting night. Caderyn opened a Scooby Doo that helps you read some Scooby books. He loved it.

Once the kids were all in bed and were for sure asleep, Santa began to work his magic. 
Good job Santa!
Looks like the kids were good this year.

Caderyn woke up around 7:00 a.m.
Everyone else was asleep because the adults had played games until after midnight, so we crept upstairs and let him grab his stocking.  
Kiddo was barely awake, but he was pumped for Christmas.

We let Caderyn open his stocking while we waited for everyone else to wake up.
These glasses were popular.

Caderyn and Ziva in front of the tree. Gibby would not let me take any pictures.
Getting ready to open presents. 
The boys got spoiled.

Merry Christmas, 2013!

After that it was time to play with the new toys and let uncles help set up complicated toys.  


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