Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Gabriel has come so far in the last couple weeks. It is amazing.
Everyone on our therapy and doctor team has been cheering and grinning from ear to ear when they see him.
You can tell that Gibby is proud of himself. When he walks, he can't wipe the smiles and silly grins off of his face.

Since he's started walking, we've had people asking if his diagnosis still stands. So, to clear that up, yes, his diagnosis of Autism Broad Spectrum still stands, but we think they will eventually move away from that term. He is still delayed, but has shown great improvement with intervention. He is extremely social and interacts with others on a non-autism level. Right now the focus is on building and correcting his muscle definition and working on speech. We're also trying to rule out a cognitive delay.
We still go to physical, occupational, and speech therapy once a week.

Here are some other things about Gibby that make us laugh or that we've noticed an improvement in.Or, here's just some general information about the one, the only, Mr. Gibby.
  • Gabriel absolutely LOVES to eat. The second he wakes up the morning he starts signing and saying "More" as fast as his hands and mouth will move. This is his way of telling us, "Feed me now! I'm starving!" At each meal he usually eats more than Caderyn.
  •  He is singing.  Ninety percent of the time we have no idea what he is singing, but that other 10% of the time he likes to sing "Old MacDonald" and is a pro with the "EIEIO" part.
  • He goes down for bed at 8:00 p.m., but refuses to fall asleep unless his brother is in the room with him. Caderyn goes down at 8:30 p.m. and in that 1/2 hour time period Gabriel will sing, talk to himself, or play until we herd Caderyn to bed. Once Caderyn is in there, they will usually talk or laugh together, or Caderyn will "shush" Gibby who is laughing and screeching at his brother. After maybe 15 minutes they are usually both asleep. 
  • Gibby is a night time pooper. He waits until after we've put him into bed and tucked him in before taking a HUGE poop. 
  • He still struggles with self-harm. If something isn't going the right way, Gabriel will throw himself back in a chair or on the ground, he will hit his head or his tummy with his hands. This is hard for me to see. We talk about gentle touches and try to catch his head or his hand. 
  • He loves playing with his brothers toys. If Caderyn is playing with something Gabriel tries to steal it. 
  • He loves his brother.
  • He thinks peek-a-boo is the best game ever. This morning he wouldn't let me get him out of bed until he'd surprised me no less than five times by popping down into his covers and then springing up and shouting, "Ahh!"
  • He is starting to say more words. We have heard and are working on: Mommy, Daddy, Cookie, Tubby, Gibby ( A lot of 'y' sounds), Ball, Duck, Thank you, More, Milk, Toy, Baby, Dog.
  • Gibby loves to dance and can rock the fist pump action.
  • He loves being chased. 
  • Loves a challenge. We have a slight wood incline into our kitchen--it is a tripping hazard. Once he started walking he fell probably 50 times over that one step into our kitchen. Every day he would walk over it and fall, but he continued to get up and walk over it again. He can now cross over that obstacle like he's been doing it his whole life. 
  • Loves his grandparents. Oh boy does he!
  • Loves his Daddy. The second Jeff walks into the room Gibby shrieks, "Daddy!"
  • Loves throwing balls back and forth across the room. 
  • He is a goofball. 
  • He will get up and go in the morning, but after breakfast usually needs a moment to be snuggled. He relaxes in my arms and sucks the fingers on his right hand while playing with the fingers on his other hand. 
  • Has obvious comfort techniques. 
  • Tends to get overwhelmed. 
  • Still screams...but not as much. 
  • Has discovered tickling people and loves to tickle and make people laugh. 
  • Points at everything and says, "Wow!" to try and captivate your attention. 
  • Has the best head of hair...I can't cut it. Not yet!
  • Is now able and willing to wear shoes. 
  • Will greet you the second you walk in the house with a "Hi!" or a "Mommy!" 
  • Can walk and toot at the same time...talented, I tell ya. 
  • Throws stuff when he doesn't get his way. 
  • Has been introduced to the time out corner and doesn't like it. 
  •  Wants to be included in what others are doing and gets upset if he is left out. 
  • Has some separation anxiety from his mom and dad. :)
  • He is the splashiest person I know in the bathtub.

  • Has figured out that by walking into the kitchen, he can usually get a snack. 
  • Has the best belly laugh of any little boy named Gabriel that I know. 
  • Loves wrestling with Daddy.
  • Tries so hard to talk to you and just jabbers and jabbers in sentence form. We love this. 
  • Absolutely adores Honey Nut Cheerios and cookies (whoops)
  • When he sleeps it looks like a tornado went through his crib. He usually ends up on the opposite with no less that two blankets tangled around him and a stuffed animal on his head.


B, in the Great Funkk said...

•Can walk and toot at the same time...talented, I tell ya
Like father, like son :-)
So happy to read he is making great strides

The McGregor Clan said...

He loves cookies!! Of course! So glad he is moving forward! Go Gibby!! Ya'll are great parents for getting him what he needs. Thankful!