Friday, January 24, 2014


Well, now that we've all settled down from yesterday's post, here are some pictures from our week.
We played Candyland with Caderyn. He crushed us and Jeff was a sore loser.
Gibby ran errands with me and got a cookie for being so good.
Date night= curry from Benny's Bistro. J'adore!
This lucky gal (me!) got to sleep in on Sunday. Ok, I actually couldn't sleep. I was up at 7:30 a.m., but I got to go back to bed and just relax.
My friend and I hiked Mt. Helena. It was a great hike and gorgeous up top. Coming down took us over an hour and a half with all of the ice. We slipped countless times and I totally fell down the side of the trail and connected with a tree. Bring your Yak Traks!
Lucy was pooped after the hike.
Family coloring day.
Chilling in the new car eating a cheese stick.
After bath snuggles.
Frozen yogurt dates
Gibby was a character at speech therapy yesterday. He had us rolling with laughter.

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