Friday, January 31, 2014


A glimpse into our super exhilarating lives.
My ring upgrade!!!! Everything is ordered. They got the band in last week and told me to take it home to show Jeff. We are just waiting for center diamonds to come in to I can pick one out and then it will be MINE and I will probably be talking with my left hand alllllll over again just like a did when I first got engaged. Anyone else do that? Where you notice you are talking with that particular hand more, waving it/ making motions with it, just because it has some bling-a-ling on it?
Hey remember that time my husband thought he would try and trim Gabriel's gorgeous sweet locks? was awful. 
I cried. He looks like Amelie.
We are going to try and get it fixed this weekend by a barber. But still...aaaahhh!
A fun night of dinner and friends. The boys were in Lego heaven and we were in "Make Your Own Pizza" heaven. We don't get out much, so this was really nice!

Soaking up as much time with Daddy before he left for Virginia until May.

My newest dressing obsession.
Helping Daddy cut his hair to Army standards.

Now that Daddy is gone, Lucy has claimed our bed again.
(Please excuse the messy room, I'm also working on reorganizing this space)
Polar vortex my butt. This is regular weather for Montana. We got a good falling of snow yesterday. Caderyn went out to shovel it.
He built himself a big mountain of piled up snow and then jumped and flopped in it until his cheeks were frozen.  

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