Friday, January 17, 2014


Jeff is leaving next Saturday for Ft. Lee, Virginia. He will be there, training for his position in the Army until May 22.
Yep. That's a long time.
He is going to drive out there in the Subaru, because 16 weeks is a long time to go without a car and he should be able to drive to the grocery store or go on a weekend trip to Gettysburg with some friends if he wants. He will be working hard (and getting paid- can I get an AMEN) during the weeks and most weekends.
So we needed a new car, and today we purchased this beauty.
This is a Chevy Traverse and this is now MY car.
I love that Subaru of ours. I'm really sad I won't get to see it or drive it for four months, but I'm excited about all that our new car offers. Seven seats. AWD with traction control. Bucket seats. A sun roof and a moon roof. Bluetooth. XM Satellite Radio. A TV/DVD. Great safety ratings! Low mileage and fairly good gas mileage (as good as any of the mid-range SUVs, maybe a little better).
I'm actually surprised we didn't purchase a minivan. Jeff and I have always been very pro-minivan.
The right one just didn't come our way when we needed it.
So happy Friday everyone!
While you're all here, I'd like to have an observed moment of silence for The Beast.
The Beast, a 91' Buick Skylark, came into our lives in 2003.
A gift from my great-aunt, I took one look at that car and laughed.
Over time it grew on me. It's great gas mileage and low maintenance were hard to pass up. The blue upholstery and faux wood interior were such sexy additions. It was boxy, but it was majestic.
It has driven all over Montana. It has taken me to Spokane and back.
It took me to and from my job until we got the Subaru and then Jeff inherited the Buick in all of its glory. For the past five years, he's driven the Buick around town and then back and forth to school every weekend for the past two years.
 Oh Beastly Buick Skylark, you have been a shining light in our dull lives.
You shall be missed.
Gone, but never forgotten.


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