Monday, January 6, 2014


Holy smokes! Where did the holidays go?

I can't believe our break is already over. Waaa!

Our holidays were wonderful and chaotic. I'm going to tell you all about them this week.
But first, our BIGGEST announcement of 2014 (so far) is this:

Gibby just up and started walking on New Year's Eve! 

My cousin and I were hanging out at her house with Gabriel and her son, Westin. We were waiting for a pizza to be delivered and both started to get up to try and find out what the heck was taking so long (note to self: don't order a pizza on New Year's Eve). As we got up, Gibby all of the sudden stood up with us and took three steps before plopping down on the ground.

My cousin and I FROZE. I looked at her, "Did you see that?" I asked. 

She nodded. 

So I tossed her my phone and we got him walking on camera! He's walking everywhere!


Here's to 2014!

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