Friday, February 28, 2014


Hello there my little chickadees!
It is still cold. And snowing. And the wind is blowing.
But that' s Montana.
 My only real complaint is that I have to work all weekend and I would rather be snuggled in at home with my boys.
We've had a really busy week and I feel like I've hardly gotten to see them. As soon as I'm done with work on Sunday I'm going to smooch their cheeks and snuggle the heck out of them while watching Curious George on the couch.
Over the weekend it was cold, so, you know, I felt like ice cream. Ummm Dairy Queen totally hs these Red Velvet blizzards as their special of the month. It is vanilla ice cream mixed in with red velvet cake chunks and frozen chunks of cream cheese. Oh lord! So good! So I got one of those and the boys each got a milkshake.
Gibby really likes milkshakes, but after every sip he would fuss for a minute. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "Brrrrr."
Sunday was a cleaning day. I have two of the best helpers.
Sunday was also a "Oh Holy Smokes I'm Tired" day. Would you look at the circles under my eyes?! Yowza.
Gibby liked the way his feet sounded when he stomped on the kitchen floor.
Mooooore snow. This was after the driveway had already been shoveled (thanks Kevin!).
It was a little crazy.
I went out at 6:00 a.m. to shovel some of the snow around my car so we would be able to get out the driveway. I wore my PJs, my husbands bathrobe, a scarf, winter coat and hat. I was still froze, but we got out of the driveway!
So much snoooow!
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a picture of me.
5:30 a.m.
Just pushed the on button on the coffee pot and noticed my reflection in the kitchen window.
Wowza. Look at that head of hair and the crooked glasses. Ooof!
This same morning, I decided I wanted to try and style my hair for work.
I usually sleep with my hair in a braid at night and my getting ready in the morning consists of me taking out the plait and then shaking my head once or twice. It is sexy, I tell ya.
But this particular morning, I thought I would try my hand at the below hairstyle.
Here's how it turned out. 
Three things
1. I can't do my hair. At all. No talent in that department. Lord help me if I ever have a daughter.
2. It was a little lopsided but people gave me compliments on my hair throughout the day.
3. I have WAY more hair than the girl in that tutorial. I stood in front of the mirror for probably 20 minutes cussing at my crazy hair and stabbing bobby pins at my skull.
But it looked nice. Something different than my usual crazy frizz. 
And there you have it.
Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Mine! Me! Moi!
I like my birthday.
Yes, I'm getting older, but so does everyone else.
Birthdays are the one day you get to throw everything out the window and just celebrate.
The day you were born. A day of life. A day of you!
In honor of my approaching special day, here are some gifts I would love:
1. A plane ticket. Got this one already in the bag! I'm going to Arizona for two weeks in April. Thanks for the ticket mom and dad!
2. A weekend with my friends. Hey, remember me? I like to go out and eat. I like to go to movies. I like to have a few drinks and maybe dance a little.
3. A manicure
4. A cupcake
5. A good snuggle with my boys.
And that's really all I need.
Guess who else has a birthday coming up?
This guy

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Oh Caderyn, Caderyn.
Where do I begin with this one?

Last week, before all of the snow started to fall I did my usual routine of picking the boys up from daycare. It was a particularly windy day in our town...that word is highlighted for a reason.

I pull up to the daycare and head inside. Caderyn rushes up to me, always the first one to give me a hug. Gabriel follows behind him, usually taking that time to jabber a complaint about his day or holler at me for leaving him, he's a feisty meatball that one.
Caderyn quickly put on his boots and coat and headed outside.
I was only a few seconds behind him, carrying Gabriel on my hip and a diaper bag.

I rounded the corner of the house and saw my oldest son with his pants down around his ankles, bottom facing the neighbors across the street,  peeing with such a force that the rocks beneath him were moving.

Me: Caderyn! What are you doing? (of course I'm horrified)
Caderyn: Aaaaah! I just had to go so bad!
Me: You don't pee out in the open where everyone can see you!
Caderyn: Mommy! I had to go!

And then, fate intervened and a huge gust of wind blasted through the area and turned Caderyn's horizontal pee stream into a vertical fountain that rained down upon his face, his shirt, his hands, his pants, his shoes. (Just typing that the germophobe in me is gagging)

So there I stood watching my son scream as he peed on himself.
Once he and the wind had both finished doing their damage, Caderyn stood there, pants around his ankles, crying.

Me: Oh Caderyn! It's just pee. (I quickly ducked in the car to grab baby wipes) This is why you should have gone inside.
Caderyn: I had to go so bad and now it's all over meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So we wiped Caderyn down as best we could and loaded him into the car.
Then I had a quick little chat with him about how we really shouldn't pee outside where people can see you. It is different if we are camping, but not okay in a neighborhood. We really shouldn't show people our private parts.
His clothes and shoes immediately went into the wash when we got home and Caderyn soothed his ego with a nice warm bubble bath.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Today is my first ever review and giveaway here on the ole' bliggety blog.
I was contacted by GooseWaddle and felt this was an exciting product to share.
When we started having kids, we noticed one thing you could never have enough of were blankets.
They comfort and keep our children warm through the chilly Montana nights.
GooseWaddle offers high quality full-sized blankets and convenient, smaller and more travel accessible "blankies." The blankets are extremely soft and edged with a silky lining, and they are large enough to completely wrap around your baby/ child to keep them snug. The smaller blankies are perfect for children who have maybe outgrown the larger blankets, but still need a comfort item to soothe them through the night.
GooseWaddle keeps it very traditional and offers their soft blankets and blankies in the colors blue, pink, and white.
They also offer an adorable GooseWaddle goose plush toy that both of my boys thought was hilarious.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. My first one EVER!
Keep reading for the chance to W-I-N!

I have a large blue blanket, a smaller blue blankie, and the GooseWaddle goose plush toy.
I will be giving away only one of the above mentioned products, so leave your name and email address in the comments below along with what blanket/blankie/toy you would prefer.  I will do the drawing at random on Tuesday morning and contact the lucky winner for their address so they can receive their gift.
You could win one of these Goosewaddle products!
For more information on GooseWaddle you can visit there website or visit their Facebook page

More pictures:

Friday, February 21, 2014


Sorry for such a dull week on the blog. I've been pretty busy at work and at home.
I do, however, have lots of pictures for everyone!
Here is a glimpse of what we've been up to.
One of these days she will love me again.

The East Coast was all like "Aaaahhhh snow! Shut down all things!" but in Montana we're like, "This is what winter looks like until the end of March." Snow!

Still party planning for Caderyn's birthday.

It was a cold Saturday night and I didn't want to cook dinner. The boys and I were hungry, we had a hankering for breakfast food. So we went to Perkins. This was a big deal for me. I never, ever take the kids out to eat. They are crazy and loud and Gabriel screams and cries a lot. So we stay home or get takeout. They actually did okay during this dinner. It was a little stressful, but we managed and I'm glad we did it. I probably won't do that again for another month or so.
Caderyn and I went to see The Lego Movie. Everything is awesome.

Winter sunshine made my boys smiley.

This made me laugh.

Dog trails

This made me laugh almost as much as the one with Will Ferrell.

Taking selfies on Valentine's Day.

In order to get to my car I had to cross the frozen tundra of ice death.
That thing has been awful to navigate this winter.

Cliché Valentine's Day post. Jeff sent me chocolate covered strawberries.
They were delish.

My funny Valentine
Sending funny face pictures to friends while waiting...

A wedding cupcake that was deeelicious.

Caderyn is a Lego building professional
A chocolate pudding beard

Stylish Gibby playing in the waiting room before OT.
We got another good bucket of snow last night and this morning.
While I was getting Gibby dressed, Caderyn disappeared outside to shovel a walkway for me so I wouldn't get snow on my boots. My heart melted...I wish the snow had too.

Blizzard on the way to daycare
Have a great weekend everyone. Tune in on Monday for my first EVER review and giveaway.