Thursday, February 6, 2014


This week is a bit off for us. We are trying to re-adjust just being three again instead of four. Jeff made it safely to Virginia and has been getting up super early each morning for classes and info sessions. We got to Skype with him last night and the boys loved it. He and I just kind of stared at each other and smiled and then pointed out who looked more tired. He actually won that one.

Even though our week has felt a bit wobbly, Caderyn is still throwing zingers our way.
This morning Caderyn complained that his pants kept falling down, so I grabbed a belt and looped it through his belt loops on the pants. The belt was a little smaller than I thought, so I took it off and told him he would be fine without the belt.
Then I went to get dressed.
When I came out Caderyn was sitting on the couch quietly crying (and FYI he is NOT a quiet crier).

Me: Caderyn! Why are you crying? What's going on?
Caderyn: I wanted to wear the belt.
Me: It was too tight, you couldn't get it off to go potty.
Caderyn: But I want to wear the belt to be a grown up daddy like Daddy!

FYI he is wearing the belt.

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