Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Oh Caderyn, Caderyn.
Where do I begin with this one?

Last week, before all of the snow started to fall I did my usual routine of picking the boys up from daycare. It was a particularly windy day in our town...that word is highlighted for a reason.

I pull up to the daycare and head inside. Caderyn rushes up to me, always the first one to give me a hug. Gabriel follows behind him, usually taking that time to jabber a complaint about his day or holler at me for leaving him, he's a feisty meatball that one.
Caderyn quickly put on his boots and coat and headed outside.
I was only a few seconds behind him, carrying Gabriel on my hip and a diaper bag.

I rounded the corner of the house and saw my oldest son with his pants down around his ankles, bottom facing the neighbors across the street,  peeing with such a force that the rocks beneath him were moving.

Me: Caderyn! What are you doing? (of course I'm horrified)
Caderyn: Aaaaah! I just had to go so bad!
Me: You don't pee out in the open where everyone can see you!
Caderyn: Mommy! I had to go!

And then, fate intervened and a huge gust of wind blasted through the area and turned Caderyn's horizontal pee stream into a vertical fountain that rained down upon his face, his shirt, his hands, his pants, his shoes. (Just typing that the germophobe in me is gagging)

So there I stood watching my son scream as he peed on himself.
Once he and the wind had both finished doing their damage, Caderyn stood there, pants around his ankles, crying.

Me: Oh Caderyn! It's just pee. (I quickly ducked in the car to grab baby wipes) This is why you should have gone inside.
Caderyn: I had to go so bad and now it's all over meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So we wiped Caderyn down as best we could and loaded him into the car.
Then I had a quick little chat with him about how we really shouldn't pee outside where people can see you. It is different if we are camping, but not okay in a neighborhood. We really shouldn't show people our private parts.
His clothes and shoes immediately went into the wash when we got home and Caderyn soothed his ego with a nice warm bubble bath.

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Obelia said...

Oh Caderyn, you are so cute. I could already imagine what happened. lol