Thursday, February 27, 2014


Mine! Me! Moi!
I like my birthday.
Yes, I'm getting older, but so does everyone else.
Birthdays are the one day you get to throw everything out the window and just celebrate.
The day you were born. A day of life. A day of you!
In honor of my approaching special day, here are some gifts I would love:
1. A plane ticket. Got this one already in the bag! I'm going to Arizona for two weeks in April. Thanks for the ticket mom and dad!
2. A weekend with my friends. Hey, remember me? I like to go out and eat. I like to go to movies. I like to have a few drinks and maybe dance a little.
3. A manicure
4. A cupcake
5. A good snuggle with my boys.
And that's really all I need.
Guess who else has a birthday coming up?
This guy

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