Friday, February 21, 2014


Sorry for such a dull week on the blog. I've been pretty busy at work and at home.
I do, however, have lots of pictures for everyone!
Here is a glimpse of what we've been up to.
One of these days she will love me again.

The East Coast was all like "Aaaahhhh snow! Shut down all things!" but in Montana we're like, "This is what winter looks like until the end of March." Snow!

Still party planning for Caderyn's birthday.

It was a cold Saturday night and I didn't want to cook dinner. The boys and I were hungry, we had a hankering for breakfast food. So we went to Perkins. This was a big deal for me. I never, ever take the kids out to eat. They are crazy and loud and Gabriel screams and cries a lot. So we stay home or get takeout. They actually did okay during this dinner. It was a little stressful, but we managed and I'm glad we did it. I probably won't do that again for another month or so.
Caderyn and I went to see The Lego Movie. Everything is awesome.

Winter sunshine made my boys smiley.

This made me laugh.

Dog trails

This made me laugh almost as much as the one with Will Ferrell.

Taking selfies on Valentine's Day.

In order to get to my car I had to cross the frozen tundra of ice death.
That thing has been awful to navigate this winter.

Cliché Valentine's Day post. Jeff sent me chocolate covered strawberries.
They were delish.

My funny Valentine
Sending funny face pictures to friends while waiting...

A wedding cupcake that was deeelicious.

Caderyn is a Lego building professional
A chocolate pudding beard

Stylish Gibby playing in the waiting room before OT.
We got another good bucket of snow last night and this morning.
While I was getting Gibby dressed, Caderyn disappeared outside to shovel a walkway for me so I wouldn't get snow on my boots. My heart melted...I wish the snow had too.

Blizzard on the way to daycare
Have a great weekend everyone. Tune in on Monday for my first EVER review and giveaway.

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

That large lego head in the center of the table is from Container Store and it's really a storage bin...