Tuesday, March 11, 2014


After so much sickness last week, the skies parted on Sunday and the sunshine poured out of the clouds. I took the boys on a walk before bedtime and we walked and walked and it felt so good. We stretched our legs, we gulped in deep breaths of fresh air that had an essence of spring flavoring. We laughed and we shrieked and we blinked our eyes in amazement at being outside after two months of being cooped up.
While on this walk, I contemplated the week we'd had and it finally hit me...I am 29.
It sounds so old.
I don't feel old.
I don't feel 29. Most days I still feel like I'm 25 or even 23.
But no, the records show I'm 29.
I've had a pretty good experience for my 20s. My experience is not necessarily what I'd envisioned for myself nine or even ten years ago, but nonetheless it has been a good experience.
I've had some good years, being 22 was a good year. I was finishing up college, had an upcoming wedding to my love. It was just a fun year. Also, being 26 was a good year. I'd lost the baby weight, was finally getting the hang of balancing motherhood and working full-time, and Jeff was home for once.
I've also had some pretty sucky years. Being 24 was a rough year, it was great in that we became parents, but we found it hard to keep our relationship strong when I was working long days and Jeff was working nights. That was a rebuilding year. Being 28 was also a rough year. I really didn't like being 28, too much happened last year that was negative and difficult.
So, I guess I'm glad that I'm 29. Being this age shows me just how far I've come. I can look back on different years and pick out the good and the bad and learn from it or reflect.
Being 29 doesn't mean I'm old, it just means I'm experienced.

Despite not getting to celebrate my birthday, I still had a nice day.
I got spoiled by my parents who bought me a plane ticket to Phoenix and some gift cards. They also ordered me a birthday cake that was delicious (thank you!).
Jeff got me my favorite perfume and a new t-shirt that says "Army Wife." He was pretty proud of himself.
I got sweet cards, a new purse, a new book, and some other goodies.
Even though it was kind of a miserable day with the boys, I still felt very loved.

I am throwing myself a REAL party on Friday. There will be jewelry, there will be food and drink, and, most importantly, there will be friends and my MOM!

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