Wednesday, March 12, 2014


My dearest Caderyn:
How can it be that today you are five? Five is much older than four. Five is so much closer to six and six is so much closer to being ten.
Being five sounds so grown up.
Being five means going to school in just a few months. Being five means being more responsible. Being five means being more in tune to others around you and how you impact them. Being five means you are really no longer a little kid any more, now you're like a little guy...little man.
How have these past five years just flown by?
You made your entrance into the world today around 7:30 p.m. Your arrival was terrifying and breathtaking in all forms. From labor and delivery to your first few hours on this earth, everything shifted and focused on you.
That's the funny thing about becoming a parent. Before you have kids, everything is so egocentric. What am I doing? Where am I going? How will this impact me?
But the second your child enters this world, that viewpoint needs to shift. That's part of becoming a parent. Some choose to never become a parent, for others it is an easy transition, while others struggle with the change. From that moment the baby is placed in your arms, that "Id" characteristic should vanish. Now it should be, "How is he doing? Where is he going? How will this impact him? What does he need? What does he need from me? Who will he become?"

I am so thankful for you Caderyn. I am thankful you chose me as your mother. I am thankful that you have let me watch you grow and learn through these years. Each and every day you teach me something about myself, about being a parent, about how I want you to view the world. You make me want to be a better person, for you and your brother so you grow and prosper with ease.

Here are some memories I want to remember on this year:
You have so much light and laughter in you.
You are extremely smart and ready for school.
You are responsible and a huge help to Mommy.
You hold your own in an argument and it drives me crazy.
You love to play with your toys. Each day there is some new imaginative adventure your toys are embarking on.
You love Legos, Transformers, Avengers, pretty much anything superhero.
You love to color, draw, and write.
You love being told stories.
You love to look at books and read.
You are fascinated with science.
You love holidays and any special day when family is involved.
You are goofy.
You are thoughtful and inquisitive.
You love it when someone comes over to our house so you can order them to play with you or show them your toys.
You are sensitive and kind.
You have the best smile and the deepest belly laugh.
My favorite memories of you from this year have been when you are running. There is such careless abandon and a sense of freedom just shining off of your face when you run.
You love to Skype and Facetime and I'm pretty sure you spend all day devising new stories to tell Mimi and Papa or clever ways to introduce them to your favorite toy of the day.
You love to watch movies.
You love to play games.
You are a fairly good listener. For example, when I ask you to empty the dishwasher, I usually only have to ask you once. But, when it comes time for you to get dressed in the morning it takes you 20 minutes.
You have procrastination down to a science.
You love breakfast more than any meal (just like me!).
You love getting treats.
You like to hear an agenda for the day. The first words out of your mouth in the morning are "What are we doing today? Who is coming over?" Then I have to list every single thing we have planned.
You have very loud toots. They got you in trouble over the weekend when we were in a store.
You are less violent to sleep with now. Most nights when you crawl into bed with me, I rarely notice you are there until I wake up in the morning to your sleeping face. Every once in awhile you'll kick my stomach or elbow my neck, just reminding me that you are there.
You have some pretty sweet dance moves.
You give the best Eskimo kisses.
You were the biggest help this winter with all of the snow. You were usually the first one out of the house with your shovel making pathways for me to the car.

Caderyn, I could go on for hours talking about every wonderful thing about you.
I love you so much. We all love you so much.
I hope you feel that love each and every day of your fifth year of life.
You are deserving of it.

I love you.

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