Monday, March 3, 2014


I'm home today with two sick little boys.
These poor kids have held out for so long before catching the crud that's been going around, I'm actually pretty impressed.
We are heading into the doctor in about an hour to get them checked out and hopefully on the mend.
My poor guys.

Gibby has been a challenge lately during mealtimes. He throws food all over, screams a lot if we don't give him the food plate, but will then throw that plate with all of the food on the ground.
It is frustrating. I would gladly take advice from anyone who has experienced this with their own children.

Yesterday, Gabriel threw a whole plate of cheesy chicken on the ground. I was trying to anticipate it and miscalculated, the ceramic plate hit me on the wrist in a sensitive spot that made me yelp, I snapped a "No" at Gibby (and no I'm not proud of that) and bent to pick up the plate and chicken.

Caderyn: Oh my! I am so done having a brother.
Me: Caderyn, we love Gabriel even when he's a stinker. Just like we love you when you're a stinker. We are a family.
Caderyn: I know, I just wish he'd been a sister.


B, in the Great Funkk said...

We always used a (very inexpensive) shower curtain under the high chair- easy to hose off or wipe down.
And I have tried having us (me and baby) both have utensils so they think they are helping feed while you are doing more of it. Or maybe give him finger food styles so he can feed himself? Not too sure but I am continually praying for you guys!

Mimi said...

Resist yourself from giving him the plate because either way he'll throw him off. Give him something else that will distract his attention during mealtime.

Also, you make the food extra fun for him like making it shape like a bear (or Japanese bento type) add colorful edible stuff, put a smiley on the food or anything else that will make him think twice before throwing the plate off. Be creative and be patient.