Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Right before the RSV hit our house, Caderyn came down with a case of the poops. Not sure if it was related to the RSV, or something he ate, but that kid was pooping like a champ.

We try to Facetime or Skype with my parents at least once a day, that day was no different.

My parents: Hi Caderyn! Happy Friday! How was your day today?
Caderyn: It wasn't so great. I had diarrhea!
My parents: Ohh...
Me: Bwahahaha
Caderyn: I pooped so much!

He did the same thing when we Skyped with Jeff on Saturday.

Jeff: Hi Caderyn. How are you?
Caderyn: Well I'm okay, but I've had diarrhea! Its so bad.
Jeff and I: Hahahahahaha
Caderyn: Yeah I went a lot.
Me to Jeff: He's your son.

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