Wednesday, March 26, 2014


We recently passed 21 months with Gabriel, so I thought I'd give out an update on this dude.

  • Gabriel is walking like a champ. Our physical therapist has indicated that she wants to put his left foot/ankle in a corrective brace here in the next month or two. His left food is not as strong as his right and sometimes it sticks out when he walks instead of forward. He also drags it a little when he gets tired and trips easily because of this. But he is getting stronger each day!
  • Gabriel is really starting and trying to talk more. Speech therapy is helping a lot. He can very clearly say:
    • Mommy
    • Daddy
    • Mimi
    • Mema
    • Papa
    • Baby
    • Thirsty
    • Night night
    • Hi
    • Bye
    • Car
    • Cookie
    • Hungry
    • Touchdown
    • Monkey
    • Lucy
    • Please
    • Bubble
    • Pop
    • Choo choo
  • He will also use sign language for :water, cookie, please, more, and all done.
  • He throws massive but short temper tantrums. I rarely take him out to places with me because he is quick to explode and very, very loud.
  • He still sucks his two fingers on his right hand.
  • Gabriel currently loves Curious George.
  • Gabriel is usually not interested in the toys pertaining to his age group, he would rather play with what his brother is playing with.
  • Gabriel loves to color.
  • He loves talking on the phone, or Facetime, or Skype.
  • He is a hitter and scratcher. We are working on that, trying to draw out more communication from him and also spending time in time out.
  • He is my snuggler. Yay!
  • He thinks I'm hilarious. Duh. I am. Last night he would walk out of the room and say "Night, night" and I would pretend to sleep before he would storm in the room shrieking "Mommy!" to which I would jerk awake and exclaim something. That kid probably fell down ten times he was laughing so hard.
  • He whispers. He doesn't whisper coherent words or phrases, but oh my lord it is so cute.
  • Gabriel loves snuggling with his brother on the couch, eating crunchy dry cereal, and watching a movie. I can't tell you how it melts my heart when I see them sitting together and then Caderyn will laugh at something and Gabriel will just beam and him and laugh too.
  • After the horrendous haircut of January 2013 (oh Daddy!), I still haven't cut his hair. It's growing out, sometimes he still looks like a little girl, but the curls! Oh the curls! I will probably get it cut when we go to Phoenix in a few weeks. *Sob*
  • Gabriel LOVES to eat. He can pack away more food than Caderyn and I combined.
  • He is a little on the petite side. When Caderyn was his age, he was nearly in 2T clothing. Gabriel is just now growing out of 18m clothing and most 24m clothing is still too big on him.
  • Gabriel LOVES Macaroni and Cheese.
  • He hates having his teeth brushed. I go to great lengths each and every night to get those suckers polished.
  • Gabriel still loves to dance.
  • When Caderyn gets in trouble and is sent to timeout in his room, Gabriel usually will go in there with him and sit or try to climb on the bed with Caderyn.
  • Gabriel has about four babies that he has to sleep with at night. If they aren't all there he will lay in his bed and pitifully cry out "Baby, baby, baby" until I bring him the missing baby. One is a musical frog, the other is a musical sea horse, then there is a plush Eeyore and a plush Winnie the Pooh.
  • He sleeps with at least four blankets every night.
  • He sleeps in...sometimes.
  • He is a morning pooper.
  • He thinks it is funny to pass gas and has started to grab his little bottom after he does and go "Toot or poop"
  • He has the best smile.
  • He loves attention.
  • He is a quiet observer and sometimes his moods are hard to read.
  • He is sensitive about his hands.
We are still doing occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. I really think the early intervention and help these wonderful therapists are doing have contributed to Gabriel's progression.
And now some cute videos. Video #1 is Gibby drinking a milkshake and his reaction to it being so cooool. Video #2 is my little chatterbox Video #3 is Gibby being silly.


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