Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Did y'all miss me? We had a busy weekend with visiting guests and parties, so I dropped off the face of the earth for a couple days. Here is what I was going to post last Friday, but didn't have time to.
Caderyn's hilarious drawing of himself his brother, and my parents.

This was the Sunday before the boys got incredibly sick with the RSV. They were both under the weather so after working a couple hours, I came home and we just colored and hung out at the house.

My birthday flowers and sweet note from Caderyn.

Breathing treatments and being incredibly tired on my birthday.

Our fifth trip to the doctor during the dreadful RSV week. This guy sure had a rough go.

Neglected Corgi wasn't about to let me leave for work without her.

Trying to give her the attention she deserves.

Still sick.

Goofing off with Grandpa, telling him stories, and making him laugh.

Someone started to feel better

Caderyn's birthday cupcakes that he took to school.

The decorations Caderyn woke up to on his 5th birthday.

Birthday Breakfast= sprinkle pancakes with the #5 in sprinkles. I put it on with a cookie cutter, but it still kind of globbed together.
He didn't care though, because he's five!
Good morning Gibby.

These two are goofs. 

Birthday shots! 

My two guys and I at daycare before heading off for work. 

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