Friday, March 21, 2014


Whoo I tell ya. Last week was a busy one! Here are some pictures from our week.
Singing and cupcaking (two of my most favorite things!)

Gibby had a rough week at daycare that ended with him having to go to the dentist because he fell and hit his teeth. One was a little loose, so we took him in and everything turned out A-OK. I took this picture to show my mom he was fine.

My ring upgrade is coming along nicely. Went in a week ago to look at the diamond, but they ordered the wrong size and found a flaw. So we sent it back. I still got to kind of try it on and I danced around the store squealing it looked so pretty.
On another note, you can tell by looking at my hands that I cleaned like a madwoman that week. #manhands
I threw myself a birthday party and lots of people came!
This lady came. She's one of my favorite sistahs from anotha mistah.
My aunt, mom and cousins all doing a toast while I make a weird face.
Love my family!
Caderyn's 5th birthday party was the next day (we were busy). It was Lego themed.
We rented a hotel room so he and his friends could swim.
You know, for not being a crafty person, I think it turned out pretty good.
Gibby and Mimi
Lego cupcakes. Those were white chocolate Lego guys.
The Vanilla Bean, yo. Order from them!
Caderyn approved.
Fake smile
Presents before swimming
After the party my mom took the kids I went out for a bit with some friends.
We look like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Bryanna got ahold of my phone.
Sunday my mom and I got a sitter and snuck out to one of my favorite places for dinner. Lucca's. So good! My mom loved it!

Mmmmm Chicken Parm
Ending our fun weekend with Mimi snuggles. 

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