Friday, March 28, 2014


Our daily life is pretty routine right now.
I get up and get ready. The boys get up and eat and get ready. We go to daycare. I go to work. I work. I pick the boys up from daycare. We eat together. I quickly clean my house a little. I work out. I put the boys to bed. I clean. I usually shower. I crawl into bed.
But every once in awhile I'm able to snap a couple of cute photos of something that's going on out of the normal for us.
Here are some pictures from our week.
Blurry photo, but Gibby climbed up onto this chair all by himself. That's a pretty big deal for this kiddo.  
Playing in the waiting room before OT.  

Who dares disturb my slumber?

This bed bug has been snuggling me a lot lately.

Donuts before daycare.

Complete and total relaxation.

Having a face off with my brother, I was able to make my face look like it had multiple plastic surgeries. It's a talent.

Love/hate relationship. The majority of that coming from Lucy.

Showcasing my favorite shirt. Thank to Bryanna for getting me this as a day of birth present (birthday). I love it. If you can't read it, it says: Only 2% of the world has red hair so I'm basically a majestic unicorn. 

Is there something on my head? There is, isn't there? There's something totally on my head.

Caderyn morphed into the Ninja Turtle, Donatello, while on a walk. He struck some pretty cool poses. 
Went to sleep last night, woke up this morning and looked over to find this guy. I have a feeling he was next to me all night. No wonder I slept so sound, I must have felt safe :/


Unchie said...

Fun photos! I like those big round eyes. o_o

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