Thursday, March 20, 2014


I love to read Archie comics.

I take a Vitamin D and B12 every day.

I have never dyed my hair.

I have no problem talking about bodily functions.

It irritates me when people say "We are practicing having kids," when they don't have kids yet. We alllllllllllllllll know what that means (hmmmm hmmm wink wink), so just shut up about it or just come right out and say you're not ready for kids but you sure do like boinking. There I said it.

97% of the time I am always overly paranoid that there is something on my butt. Like I sat it gum or in some kind of colored drink.

I've mentioned this before but I sincerely LOVE rap music. If my kids aren't in the car I crank up the volume on my XM radio. I get really into it too sometimes. I have hand and shoulder movements and sometimes I'll even try rapping on my own. Always and only in my car. I listen to it when I'm running, it is usually the angrier kind of rap music, but that stuff just makes me run faster. Mmmhmmm. To counter that, I also listen to Disney music when I'm running...Let it go...

I tried to do the no shampoo/conditioner trend where you just rinse and scrub your hair but put no product of any kind on it. Yowza. Let's just say my head was so itchy and gross that it only lasted about two weeks. I recently found some organic products that I'm using and I love the way my hair smells and everything just feels so much better!

In case of an emergency, I have a 2-4 days stash of water, food and some equipment in my house. I add to it a little more each month.

I love the show Archer.

Most of the close friends I have I've known for six years or know who you are.

I want to play the tenor drum in a bagpipe band so I can do this fancy thing called flourishing. See this link. I'm pretty sure I would be awesome at it.

I organize the clothes in my closet by color.

I usually walk into my kids room in the morning to wake them up and sing to them. I just sing whatever the heck I want, I usually make up a song. They probably hate it, but I know it wakes them up. Mwahahaha. Today I sang them a country song called "Thank heavens its Thursday." It was very twangy.

I want to live up at a family cabin for an entire summer and just write.

I can remember details all the way back to when I was three-years-old. My first memory I can place was that my mom was looking for her keys and I helped her find them. I remember her telling me I had a good memory. I DO have a good memory, thanks Mom!

As a parent, I'm trying to take a step back more and just let my kids be kids.

Caderyn does not get my sense of humor yet and it just kills me. But, he does like it when I talk like a robot. I call it "Robot Mommy" and everything I say comes out sounding like a robot. He thinks that's hilarious.

Gabriel totally gets me. He completely understands that it is absolutely hilarious for Mommy to open and close the door crying "Boo" or "Bwahaha" or "Squee" while making silly faces. He thinks I'm so hilarious he throws himself down in his crib he's laughing so hard. He totally gets me.

To counter that, sometimes Jeff still tries to navigate through my weird sense of humor. I can generally get a smile out of him.

Arm jiggle freaks me out. And yes, I have some.

If I had to name a part of my body that I really like, it would be my calf muscles. Those things are tight! Also, isn't that a weird name for a muscle/body part? Because a baby cow is called a calf is that like a hint that our calf muscles are just like baby cows and they will soon grow into an adult bovine? Weird. I mean I know it's scientific, I just love language and how it originates.

If I could speak another language fluently, it would be French. J'adore!

My brother sometimes leaves me random messages talking in a random accent. I have them all saved on my phone. He and I had an argument over Star Wars...oh my god...did I just say that on here? Anyways, he and I had an argument about Star Wars when I was visiting him in October and he called our dad to verify and spoke to him in an Australian accent. It was hilarious.

I cringe when I see pictures of my younger self...middle school age. Ugh with the glasses and the braces and the hair and the freckles. Oy.

I do not like to talk to people at the gym and it irritates me when all people do is sit at a machine or on a mat and chat for freaking 45 minutes. I mean I usually say "Hi" if I know you, but dude, I'm there to pump some iron and get my guns ready for the gun show ;)

And there is some randomness for your day.

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