Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Two posts in two days? That's practically unheard of around here.
Continuing with an update from our trip to Arizona...
The day before Easter I looked at my boys and thought they looked a bit scruffy.
So we loaded up into the car and went to our favorite haircut place for kids, Cool Cuts for Kids.
I didn't get any pictures of Gabriel (my parents did, though) because I had to sit next to him the whole time and hold his hand and rub his back and tell him everything would be okay. He wasn't really having it. They didn't butcher his hair, left it longer and now I swear the curls look even cuter than before.
Caderyn was a champ as always, he got to play a Lego video game, so he didn't want to leave.

Caderyn thought these little mustache magnets were hilarious and kept rearranging them on pictures hanging from the fridge. This one was by far his favorite and he took this picture and made sure I sent it to my cousin. He does look quite dapper, doesn't he?

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Easter morning.

I made two breakfast casseroles for brunch. This one was a cinnamon roll casserole and then I made one with hashbrowns and sausage and some veggies. Both were deeelicious.
The Easter bunny left some good treats! Caderyn got: a new Pete the Cat book, a Lego set, goldfish graham crackers, some random candy, and an Easter See's Candy box.
Gibby got: a Curious George book, a plane from the movie Planes, and the same candy goodies that Caderyn got.
Both boys shared the Spiderman bubble blower. 

Checking out baskets before church. 
Sneaking a treat

The boys walking to church

Brunch= Mimosas.

I love champagne.

Play time! We had just a really nice day just relaxing and playing. No pressure, no deadlines.

Building Legos for a little boys who decided to play with bubbles instead. Story of my life, glad my dad wanted to help.
And then, before swimming and dinner, before it got too hot, we quickly hid the Easter eggs the bunny had left in the backyard. It was a "You have to find the eggs in 3 minutes or less before the chocolate melts" kind of egg hunt. Caderyn had a blast, Gibby mostly just followed me around going, "Up Mommy! Up!" 

And then we spent the rest of the day swimming and lounging and eating.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack. So I was going to try and post pictures every single day of our vacation. And then I didn't. Mostly because I'm lazy and was having too much fun lounging and shopping and spending time with my boys. But that sinus infection I was battling before I went down to Arizona got WAY worse and I spent the last three days of my vacation curled up on the couch in a codine cough syrup coma.
But mostly I didn't post because I felt lazy.

So here we go: Arizona Vacation Days 2-5
Both boys loved the water

Fiiiiiive Guys

It was hot and Gibby was tired.
Sarah squared makes silly faces after a yummy Babbo's lunch.

Happiest Mimi on the block

Back yard movie night.

Good morning sunshine

Heading to the egg hunt at Peoria Sports Complex
Waiting for the egg hunt to begin. Sometimes just getting everyone to look at the camera is an accomplishment.

He was mad at me for taking a picture because the sun was so bright.
Oh Mimi just spoiled Mr. Gibby and held him all the time.

And then it was a mad scramble and I could only get pictures of Caderyn's backside.
This little guy found me in the crowd.

Someone got lots of CANDY. 
And then it was off to the bouncy slides and castles for a couple hours before crashing at home.   

Caderyn was brave

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


As I'm writing this a gorgeous Arizona morning is upon us. Gabriel is just finishing up a poop, giving me commentary every five minutes, "Poop! Mommy poop! Toot!" Thank you for that. Caderyn is in the living room playing with a bucket of toys and I'm trying to completely disconnect from work and my Montana life for just a little bit. It isn't very easy. I want to check my work email every two seconds, but I won't!
Spider-Man dance party!

I need this shirt.

Aunt Sylvia and 6-week-old Jaxson

I could have snuggled this sweetheart all day. Definitely got my baby fix.
And then we were off to Arizona. Gabriel did...fair on the plane. Not great, but not awful. The tricks I used when Caderyn was his age didn't work on him. All he wanted to do was eat and by the time our plane had landed I was pretty sure he was going to pop from all of the cookies and crackers and fruit snacks he'd eaten.
So here we are, enjoying Arizona!
 Blackmail. Mwahahaha.
The first thing I did after we had landed and were settled was go and get a dang pedicure (with treats!). Oh my feet are so happy after almost 6-months of neglect. Ew. That sounds gross. I haven't neglected them, I just haven't gotten a pedicure since then because what's the point when its -15 and all you wear is boots? Am I right!?

Cactus and a trip to the park before bed.