Friday, April 11, 2014


I have been working a TON. So there's my excuse for not being very present on here. This was the main event I was working with all weekend. To top that off Gibby got pink eye and I developed a sinus infection. If there is ever any kind of sickness in our house I go a little insane with the cleaning. My poor hands have been rubbed and cleaned raw this last week.

So now I'm playing catch up. Here are pictures of our lives from the last two weeks.

I have reached a breakthrough in a brand new, start of the art parenting technique.
With this new technique, I can get everything done around the house without any interruptions.
All kidding aside, I had my bedroom painted last weekend and moved all the furniture out. The kids really liked this cage of Lucy's and had a blast playing in it all weekend.

Someone decided it was a good night to snuggle. It's about time... 
She was very cuddly...and stuck up.

We had a good visit with my Grandpa.
He and Gibby are buddies.
I love my Grandpa.
Driving into that snow April...

Gibby was pretty full of it one morning and kept hollering random words at me: "Mommy! Baby! Hat! Car! Stop!" 

Mr. Cutie pants 
A little Curious George while waiting for Mema. Please notice two things 1. Gibby's hair 2. Caderyn's weapons.
I stood in the ice cream aisle at Safeway for like five minutes and just laughed and laughed. I considered buying it...but then I bought some Talenti instead.

A riveting game of wine...I mean...Apples to Apples

Ole Gibby Pink Eye and I got to hang out for a day.

We got the oil changed on our car and Gibby made a mess of everything.

Two silly heads 
I did sprint intervals at the gym yesterday and felt that was cause to initiate my first ever GYM SELFIE! Mmmmm look at the sweat and the exhaustion and the pudge. Mmmmyeah. P.S. I totally hate myself today.

This little guy is a toastie-head. That means he likes toast.

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

Oh girl. I have been praying for your family continually.
(side note: who is your landlord if you don't mind me asking- you can email me so its not posted all over everywhere- Thanks!