Tuesday, April 15, 2014


As I'm writing this a gorgeous Arizona morning is upon us. Gabriel is just finishing up a poop, giving me commentary every five minutes, "Poop! Mommy poop! Toot!" Thank you for that. Caderyn is in the living room playing with a bucket of toys and I'm trying to completely disconnect from work and my Montana life for just a little bit. It isn't very easy. I want to check my work email every two seconds, but I won't!
Spider-Man dance party!

I need this shirt.

Aunt Sylvia and 6-week-old Jaxson

I could have snuggled this sweetheart all day. Definitely got my baby fix.
And then we were off to Arizona. Gabriel did...fair on the plane. Not great, but not awful. The tricks I used when Caderyn was his age didn't work on him. All he wanted to do was eat and by the time our plane had landed I was pretty sure he was going to pop from all of the cookies and crackers and fruit snacks he'd eaten.
So here we are, enjoying Arizona!
 Blackmail. Mwahahaha.
The first thing I did after we had landed and were settled was go and get a dang pedicure (with treats!). Oh my feet are so happy after almost 6-months of neglect. Ew. That sounds gross. I haven't neglected them, I just haven't gotten a pedicure since then because what's the point when its -15 and all you wear is boots? Am I right!?

Cactus and a trip to the park before bed. 


Baji said...

Little SPidey! cute!

Mona said...

I love the front yard. Cactus!