Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I have returned for another glorious post.
Spring is here!
I have been spending my days lolling about upon my bed of grass. Soft beneath my shiny fur this green heaven doth release the weariness from my tired bones.
The sunlight beams down on me and it is like I have my own private utopia. I am comfy and I am warm.
The deer, the squirrels, the bunnies, and the birds trot on through my yard but I do not even bat an eyelash. I am too content in my garden of bliss.

I spend my mornings contemplating the meaning of life and reciting Shel Silverstein poems. That one about Where the Sidewalk Ends? So deep. I sit and sometimes think about a poem titled Where My Yard Ends and how it relates to me and my life.
As the sun moves, so I do. I follow my sun beams.

Then my human comes home to let me inside. She feeds me like a good human and after eating I climb upon my glorious throne of pillows and fall into a sleep as deep as Sleeping Beauty, except I am Sleeping Lucy.
I do not need a prince to come and wake me from my slumber. Only the sound of my human minion returning with the small man children.
Out we go back into my glorious yard where I demand the ball be thrown multiple times.
Only when I can run no more, my tongue dangling, my legs exhausted do I allow my human a rest.
Then we load up those tiny man children and go for a walk so I can claim my kingdom by peeing on every blade of grass within a two-mile radius. The walk is slow as my work is complicated and demands complete concentration.

Once home, I order up the finest flavors of doggie cuisine and then sit beneath the kitchen table, guarding the legs of the tiny man children from the food they may drop. If that food drops it could immediately spoil and if they eat it, they could get sick. So I rescue them from a most certain doom by striking quick as a cobra at the food snacks that fall from their plates.
I usually end up in trouble with my human, and am placed in a corner to sulk and contemplate the many ways I can make my human pay for such humiliation. How dare she not know I am doing her a favor?

After the tiny man children go to bed I sit upon my concrete perch outside and make sure the peasants who walk by with their humans are staying in line. Last night a miserable peasant went off her leash and crossed over into my threshold. Like a ninja I flew off those steps and let the minion and her human know they had crossed a line and were treading in some very dangerous water.

My human came out to rescue them by dragging me inside. They are lucky to have survived.
My human carried me inside like a child and placed me on her bed. The second my strong ladydog legs touched that glorious mattress, all worries melted away. I planted my rear promptly in front of my human and demanded she scratch until I was asleep.

Such a day! Such a life!

Monday, May 19, 2014


Heading out the door last week in our usual routine, Caderyn decided he wanted to zip up his jacket. The jacket zipper got stuck, so I offered to help.

Caderyn: Mommy this jacket is sure tough.
Me: Yep, well the zipper is stuck. (I'm bending down trying to untangle it from the cloth that always gets caught up in zippers)
Caderyn: Huh, that's interesting.
Me: What?
Caderyn: I never knew you had hair in your nose.

So of course I just stood there and looked at him for a few seconds and then came up with something witty like, "Everyone has hair in their noses Caderyn. Even you. But it isn't polite to point it out."

And then I sent him out to the car and RUSHED into the bathroom to check out my nostrils. For the record you don't even see anything. I just think Caderyn was looking directly up my nose while I was bending over to try and fix his coat zipper.
But you'd better believe I'm checking my schnozz now like five times a day.

Friday, May 16, 2014


 Bought myself some new kicks...still not sure about them. 
This guy was excited for a nice Saturday at the Farmer's Market.
He got a huge homemade doughnut and had a great time.
Gibby also liked his doughnut.  
Mema and Papa were in town to join us. Caderyn had Papa Craig hopping over cracks in the ground with giant leaps and laughs.  
This happened...to my belly.  
Caderyn had a windy soccer game. 
Sunday was Mother's Day and we loaded up to go to Great Falls and see family.  
Lucy wasn't overly thrilled about the car ride.  
Ready to go!  
Pure Corgi bliss.   
Grandpa and his buddy watching Frozen. 
Playing with Aunt Becky. 
Got mah nails did.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Y'all know I love to dance. I may not be very good at it, but I don't care. When I'm having one of those moments where the kids are just driving me bonkers and I'm on the verge of losing my cool, I usually just walk over to the television, turn on Pandora, and start dancing. I would say 9 times out of 10 it works like a charm and whatever mood befell our household will vanish within seconds as the boys and I wiggle and shake our way through the rooms of the house.
Gabriel is particularly fond of dancing. The second that boy hears music he is moving to it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I've started the slow and what I imagine to be a very long and drawn out process of packing and decluttering our life.
Yesterday morning I sat down and went through all of the boys' books. We have over 100 of them. I cut that number down to maybe half and put the rest in boxes not to be opened again until next year when Jeff is home and we are on to our next adventure with the military. It made me sad, knowing that my boys wouldn't be able to see some of these books for a while year, but at the same time, I know they won't even notice.
I have gone through each of the rooms in our home, categorizing items, mentally packing them to send to storage or to take with us to Arizona. I have selected items I am going to sell, going to donate.
It's weird, wrapping my head around this process of moving.
Moving away from my home state.
Moving with my family to move in with family, but also moving away from family.

It's odd.

I'm feeling so many emotions about everything. I have moments where my heart just aches knowing the time Jeff and I will spend apart, but then there are times when I am overjoyed at the thought of getting a year to just be with my parents and my boys. I have moments of clarity where I tell myself to stand up straight woman, it's only a year! Then I have moments where I am completely lost at the thought of not being in Montana.

On Mother's Day, with snow fluttering down from the sky (yes), I loaded up the boys and off we went to Great Falls. For just a little over an hour we drove by rolling hills and valleys stretching out to the base of towering mountains. Rushing streams and rivers, swollen from the winter melt seemed to race my car as we drove parallel along the road. Canyons encircled us, the clouds dangling so low from the sky you could touch them, shrouding rocky formations like a beautiful mystery.

My soul felt so content and at peace driving through this beauty that I was struck at how this won't be as accessible to me in a little over four months. It made me sad to know I would be away from my mountains, my home state full of such wonder and natural beauty.
But Montana will always be here (I mean unless Yellowstone implodes...but...whatever). It will always be my favorite place.
Montana will always be waiting for me, always welcoming me.
No matter where we go or what we do, Montana will always welcome us back with open arms. Enticing us back into her mountains.

So I made a pact to spend these next few months soaking in everything about my home state that I love. My family. My friends. My mountains. My rivers. My lakes. My cabins. My towns.
Because even though we will be leaving they will always be mine and a part of me will always be with them.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Before we get in to pictures from the last couple of weeks/ day, a big shout out to my DAD.
And now moving on with some snapshots of our daily lives:
My latest book club book. A really great read. I would highly suggest it.

I don't know...last week I felt rather selfie-ish.
That work bathroom kept calling my name saying "Sarah! Come and take your picture in my mirror!"

Spring is finally here! And then it snowed...

 Caderyn has some of the best bedhead

On my way to a work party, Jeff asked me to take a picture so he could see how I looked...and then the bottom one happened.

Fun at a soccer game.

Got invited to be a friend's date to a military ball. Took some more pictures for Jeff so he could approve. Not sure what's going on with my left eye in that above picture or why it looks so different that my right eye...

This little chicken wouldn't get out of bed until 9:30 a.m. He wanted to just snuggle in his covers and sing songs. When I would try to get him out, he would cry "No no no!" So I would put him back and he was content.
Mr. Sassafrass.  
Ah ha ha ha! This one is eating broccoli!

Morning hair and a man robe makes me feel fancy.

Sweet, sweet curls.
Have a great week.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


For the record, this is all I am going to post today.
Remember how I got super sick with a bad cough and a sinus infection while in Phoenix? Remember how I was still battling that cough the last four weeks? Remember that?

Went back to the doctor today and it turns out I have WHOOPING COUGH.
Yep. Whooping cough. A completely avoidable illness when vaccinated.
BUT because I got my vaccination as a child, my immunity to it is weaker than my children who have been vaccinated and have not gotten sick.
I got this because of some parent out there who chose not to vaccinate their child. Their child had it, was probably miserable just like me, and then passed it along.
I'm no longer contagious, I was contagious in Phoenix. Which makes me freaked out to think that I could have given it to someone's child who wasn't vaccinated.

Listen to your doctor's people, the vaccines aren't dangerous.
At one point, I did consider the options of not vaccinating Caderyn before he was born. The pediatrician who we were interviewing as a potential family doctor sat me down and talked to me for an hour about the dangers I would be posing to myself and, most importantly, my children. She gave me pamphlets, sent me email links, and gave me a video to watch. For the record, she is our current pediatrician and I completely trust her judgment. Her passion for that and all other doctors and friends in the medical field who have shared information on vaccines with us helped us see the light.

So please, vaccinate yourself. Vaccinate your children.
This experience has been AWFUL. Every time I cough it feels like my lungs are collapsing or trying to burst out of my ribcage. AWFUL I tell you.

And for all family, friends who have come in contact with my death cough, my doctor told me everyone should be fine--especially if you've been vaccinated. The most contagious time was during my first week in Phoenix. So my parents need to keep an eye on themselves. I know a lady named Sarah who should keep an eye on her health. And that's pretty much it.
Except for Pete's sake vaccinate!
I don't get very political on here, I tend to keep it light and just about our daily lives, but this one time I felt it very important to share.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Lately, Caderyn has been getting in trouble for running his mouth a bit.
This was one of those minutes that tested the limit a little, but, in the end, I couldn't help but laugh.
When we got home from Arizona, we took some time to visit my grandparents in Missoula.
The boys were both full of energy and bouncing off the walls. Caderyn kept running through their house and jumping on the furniture. He had to be reminded and threatened within an inch of his life. After the third time I took him into a middle bedroom to talk about his behavior.

Me: Listen buddy, you don't run in this house. You don't jump on furniture. We are guests. You can't act like this. Now I've about had it and you are really starting to push my buttons.
Caderyn looks at me and point blank with a bit of a haughty attitude states:
Caderyn: You don't have any buttons to push, Mommy.

Oooooh let me tell you!
I just stood there for a minute looking at him and then I walked out of the room taking deep breaths. It is a good thing my Grandma was in the close vicinity and started giggling because I was ready to go all OHNOHEDIDN'T on that little boy. He's lucky he's cute.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


But before you continue with my wonderful rendition of "Our Trip to Arizona as Experienced Through the Lense of My Iphone" some photos my parents took that they sent to me:
Snuggles before bed. Oh man, look at that fancy lady Gibby is sitting next to. She looks AWESOME.
 Family Easter photo featuring: 1. A mysterious and foggy Papa, wiggle-worm Caderyn, Me, Gorgeous as always Mimi, and the child named Gabriel who is always eating.
Mimi and her guys.
The day after Easter my fabulous friend named Sarah (also) picked me up and we went on a five-hour shopping jaunt to Scottsdale. Woop Woop.
We ended the day exhausted and with a trip to Sprinkles.
Because, duh.
Mmmmmm so good. They have the best frosting.
While Sarah and I shopped, my mom and dad took the boys to Peter Piper Pizza.
The day after this, I woke up and was super sick. Went to the doctor, got antibiotics and codine cough syrup. So I crashed on the couch while my parents took the kids to the zoo. I was really bummed I missed the zoo. I love the zoo.
Thankfully they took some pictures.  
And the Caderyn and my Dad flew a kite.
The next day I felt so-so and decided that no way in heck was I going to miss out on an opportunity to take the boys to the McCormick Train Park. Ahhh! Love that place.
Please note I am wearing short. This almost NEVER happens.
Gibby was the best helper.

Found this gem buried in some family pictures
And then we had to fly home. Sadsies.
Here are some photos of our weekend back.
Caderyn's first soccer game of the spring!