Monday, May 19, 2014


Heading out the door last week in our usual routine, Caderyn decided he wanted to zip up his jacket. The jacket zipper got stuck, so I offered to help.

Caderyn: Mommy this jacket is sure tough.
Me: Yep, well the zipper is stuck. (I'm bending down trying to untangle it from the cloth that always gets caught up in zippers)
Caderyn: Huh, that's interesting.
Me: What?
Caderyn: I never knew you had hair in your nose.

So of course I just stood there and looked at him for a few seconds and then came up with something witty like, "Everyone has hair in their noses Caderyn. Even you. But it isn't polite to point it out."

And then I sent him out to the car and RUSHED into the bathroom to check out my nostrils. For the record you don't even see anything. I just think Caderyn was looking directly up my nose while I was bending over to try and fix his coat zipper.
But you'd better believe I'm checking my schnozz now like five times a day.

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