Thursday, May 8, 2014


For the record, this is all I am going to post today.
Remember how I got super sick with a bad cough and a sinus infection while in Phoenix? Remember how I was still battling that cough the last four weeks? Remember that?

Went back to the doctor today and it turns out I have WHOOPING COUGH.
Yep. Whooping cough. A completely avoidable illness when vaccinated.
BUT because I got my vaccination as a child, my immunity to it is weaker than my children who have been vaccinated and have not gotten sick.
I got this because of some parent out there who chose not to vaccinate their child. Their child had it, was probably miserable just like me, and then passed it along.
I'm no longer contagious, I was contagious in Phoenix. Which makes me freaked out to think that I could have given it to someone's child who wasn't vaccinated.

Listen to your doctor's people, the vaccines aren't dangerous.
At one point, I did consider the options of not vaccinating Caderyn before he was born. The pediatrician who we were interviewing as a potential family doctor sat me down and talked to me for an hour about the dangers I would be posing to myself and, most importantly, my children. She gave me pamphlets, sent me email links, and gave me a video to watch. For the record, she is our current pediatrician and I completely trust her judgment. Her passion for that and all other doctors and friends in the medical field who have shared information on vaccines with us helped us see the light.

So please, vaccinate yourself. Vaccinate your children.
This experience has been AWFUL. Every time I cough it feels like my lungs are collapsing or trying to burst out of my ribcage. AWFUL I tell you.

And for all family, friends who have come in contact with my death cough, my doctor told me everyone should be fine--especially if you've been vaccinated. The most contagious time was during my first week in Phoenix. So my parents need to keep an eye on themselves. I know a lady named Sarah who should keep an eye on her health. And that's pretty much it.
Except for Pete's sake vaccinate!
I don't get very political on here, I tend to keep it light and just about our daily lives, but this one time I felt it very important to share.

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