Monday, May 12, 2014


Before we get in to pictures from the last couple of weeks/ day, a big shout out to my DAD.
And now moving on with some snapshots of our daily lives:
My latest book club book. A really great read. I would highly suggest it.

I don't know...last week I felt rather selfie-ish.
That work bathroom kept calling my name saying "Sarah! Come and take your picture in my mirror!"

Spring is finally here! And then it snowed...

 Caderyn has some of the best bedhead

On my way to a work party, Jeff asked me to take a picture so he could see how I looked...and then the bottom one happened.

Fun at a soccer game.

Got invited to be a friend's date to a military ball. Took some more pictures for Jeff so he could approve. Not sure what's going on with my left eye in that above picture or why it looks so different that my right eye...

This little chicken wouldn't get out of bed until 9:30 a.m. He wanted to just snuggle in his covers and sing songs. When I would try to get him out, he would cry "No no no!" So I would put him back and he was content.
Mr. Sassafrass.  
Ah ha ha ha! This one is eating broccoli!

Morning hair and a man robe makes me feel fancy.

Sweet, sweet curls.
Have a great week.

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